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Figure 10-11: TCP/IP traffic is tunneled into a frame.
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8.1.1 Introduction
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The network is comprised of several components, not unlike the analog cellular networks of old. The functionality of each of the components describes the overall complexity and the degree of robustness built into the network. The pieces are shown in Figure 21-2 , depicting the layout of the service elements and their interrelationship with each other. The figure shows the component, whereas the actual function that each piece performs is described below. Three major components come into play with the GSM network. These three components are the following: mobile unit, mobile base station, and mobile switching system.
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Here, if w is less than h, then both statements inside the block will be executed. Thus, the two statements inside the block form a logical unit, and one statement cannot execute without the other also executing. The key point here is that whenever you need to logically link two or more statements, you do so by creating a block. Code blocks allow many algorithms to be implemented with greater clarity and efficiency. Here is a program that uses a code block to prevent a division by zero:
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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QAM Modulation
The second operator, *, is the complement of the &. It is a unary operator that returns the value of the object located at the address that follows. For example, if m contains the memory address of the variable count, then
discuss the function ln |x| when x = 0 (Fig. 6.3):
Figure 5-8 Network sizes compared
Java 9.x
Utah EV Coalition
Figure 2-5. Simple representation of a multihomed presentation server farm
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