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Since I can t overload operators such as +=, what happens if I try to use += with an object of a class for which I have defined +, for example More generally, what happens when I use any compound assignment on an object for which I have defined the operational part of that assignment In general, if you have defined an operator, when that operator is used in a compound assignment, your overloaded operator method is invoked. Thus, += automatically uses your version of operator+( ). For example, assuming the ThreeD class, if you use a sequence like this:
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Solution: Go slowly and don't get confused. Do the tangent squared part of the derivative and then take care of the 28 part.
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Dynamic Routing Protocols
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division. Thus, in the first test, d is 2 and the modulus operation is performed. The second test fails because d is set to zero, and the modulus operation is skipped, avoiding a divideby-zero error. Finally, the normal AND operator is tried. This causes both operands to be evaluated, which leads to a runtime error when the division-by-zero occurs. Since the short-circuit operators are, in some cases, more efficient than their normal counterparts, you might be wondering why C# still offers the normal AND and OR operators. The answer is that in some cases you will want both operands of an AND or OR operation to be evaluated because of the side effects produced. Consider the following:
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Combined Queries
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15. Install the application on one or two production servers and make the application available to the appropriate users. Monitor the server s performance to ensure that there are no utilization spikes or any other irregularities. 16. Survey users to see if the application is performing properly. 17. Schedule production deployment using a chosen distribution method (for instance, streaming, imaging, or packaging). 18. Deploy the application. 19. After one week of production, survey a sample of users to see if the application is performing properly.
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TABLE 1.4 Comparing Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, and TDM in the MAN/WAN ATM Technology Frame Relay TDM Ethernet
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Move the folder and its contents. Copy the folder and its contents.
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All wire has resistance. As current ows through the wire, voltage drops according to Ohm s Law. If power is supplied to a circuit by a 12.0-volt battery and the voltage drops 0.5 volt in the positive conductor going to the load and another 0.5 volt in the negative conductor back to the battery, then the voltage across the load is not 12.0 volts, but 12.0 0.5 0.5 = 11.0 volts. The voltage drop in the total length of conductor to and from the load is thus 1.0/12.0 = 8.3%. The ABYC speci es two allowable percentage drops, depending on the effect on safety: 3% for panelboard feeds, bilge blowers, electronics, and navigation lights 10% for general lighting and other noncritical applications Required conductor size may be determined from: CM = 10.75 I L/E where: CM I L E = conductor circular mils (Table 6.1) = current in amps = round-trip length in feet = voltage drop in conductor, volts
Now in this form set first x = 0, so y = f2, and then y = 0, so x = 3 3 . With these points and the knowledge that it is a circle compressed in one direction, sketch the curve (Fig. 120).
The goto is C# s unconditional jump statement. When encountered, program flow jumps to the location specified by the goto. The statement fell out of favor with programmers many years ago because it encouraged the creation of spaghetti code. However, the goto is still occasionally and sometimes effectively used. This book will not make a judgment regarding its validity as a form of program control. It should be stated, however, that there are no programming situations that require the use of the goto statement it is not necessary for making the language complete. Rather, goto is a convenience that, if used wisely, can be a benefit in certain programming situations. As such, the goto is not used in this book outside of this section. The chief concern most programmers have about the goto is its tendency to clutter a program and render it nearly unreadable. However, there are times when the use of the goto can clarify program flow rather than confuse it. The goto requires a label for operation. A label is a valid C# identifier followed by a colon. The label must be in the same method as the goto that uses it and within scope. For example, a loop from 1 to 100 could be written using a goto and a label, as shown here:
One of the many issues that you will have to deal with in your network is the assignment of addresses to all of your networking devices. Because of the shortage of public IPv4 addresses, in many cases you will have to use private addresses for your internal devices. As you will see in the following sections, however, private addresses, even though they allow all of your devices to communicate via TCP/IP, also create problems. I will first provide an overview of private addresses and outline the pros and cons of using private addresses; then I will discuss how the appliances deal with the translation of IP addresses.
MPEG-2 encoding can be done in realtime (where the video stream enters and leaves the encoder at display speeds), but it is difficult to produce quality results, especially with variable bit rate (VBR) encoding. Variable bit rate allows varying numbers of bits to be allocated for each frame depending on the complexity of the frame. Less data is needed for simple scenes, while more data can be allocated for complex scenes. This results in a lower average data rate but provides room for data peaks to maintain quality. Encoding frequently is done with variable bit rate and is usually not done in realtime, so the encoder has plenty of time for macroblock matching, resulting in much better quality at lower data rates. Good encoders make one pass to analyze the video and determine the complexity of each frame, forcing I frames at scene changes and creating a compression profile for each frame. They then make a second pass to do the actual compression, varying quantization parameters to match the profiles. The human operator often tweaks minor details between the two passes. Many lowcost MPEG encoders, hardware or software, for personal computers use only I frames, especially when capturing video in realtime. This results in a simpler and cheaper encoder, since P and B frames require more computation and more memory to encode. Some of these systems can later reprocess the I frames to create P and B frames. MPEG also can encode still images as I frames. Still menus on a DVD, for example, are I frames. The result of the encoding process is a set of data and instructions (see Figure 2.8). These are used by the decoder to recreate the video. The amount of compression (how coarse the quantizing steps are, how large a motion estimation error is allowed) determines how closely the reconstructed video resembles the original. MPEG decoding is deterministic a given set of input data always should produce the same output data. Decoders that properly implement the complete MPEG decoding process will produce the same numerical picture even if they are built by different manufacturers.13 This doesn t mean that all DVD players will produce the same video picture. Far from it, since many other factors are involved, such as conversion from digital to analog, connection type, cable quality, and display quality. Advanced decoders may include extra processing steps such as block filtering and edge enhancement. Also, many software MPEG decoders take shortcuts to achieve sufficient performance.
Environmental Concerns
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Figure 8.34 A reactive 50-ohm splitter/combiner for low loss.
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