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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 supports IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition Version 7.2 for Windows 2000 with FixPak 5 or greater, as well as Version 8.1 for Windows 2000 with FixPak 4 or greater. Install the IBM DB2 run-time client and apply the latest FixPak on each Presentation Server that will directly access the database server. If you have multiple Presentation Server farms, create a separate database/tablespace for each farm s data store. Restart the system after you install the IBM DB2 run-time client and the FixPak, and before you install Presentation Server. In some cases, you may also need to restart the system after you install the run-time client and before you install the FixPak. See the IBM DB2 documentation for more information. IMPORTANT Presentation Server uses the data type of binary large object (BLOB) to store information in an IBM DB2 database. IBM DB2 does not support the use of BLOB data types in an updatable replication scenario. Therefore, if your server farm needs to have updatable replicas, use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle for the farm s data store, instead of IBM DB2. Depending on the size of your server farm, you may need to modify the following options in IBM DB2 Control Center: appheapsz, app_ctl_heap_sz, maxlocks You may need to modify these options if you have a large server farm (50 or more servers) that is relatively active. Maxappls This setting must be greater than the number of servers in the farm, or the servers will fail to connect (the default is 40). avg_appls This setting should be equal to the number of servers in the farm. logfilsiz, logprimary, logsecond You may need to adjust these settings upwards if you move the farm from another database.
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Attenuation in dB Attenuation in dB Attenuation in dB Fresnel reflection
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User at Address 1
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Method int Read( ) Description Returns an integer representation of the next available character from the invoking input stream. Returns 1 when attempting to read at the end of the file. Attempts to read up to num bytes into buf starting at buf [offset], returning the number of bytes successfully read. Attempts to read up to num characters into buf starting at buf [offset], returning the number of characters successfully read.
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1. After you install and publish Microsoft Outlook or Word, in the Citrix Management Console, click the Isolation Environments node. 2. Right-click the isolation environment where you installed and published ActiveSync 4.0. 3. Click Properties. 4. In the left pane, click Applications, and then click Add. 5. From the list of applications, click the published application (for example, Outlook or Word), and then click OK. The application is associated with the isolation environment you created for ActiveSync.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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FDDI ANSI X3T9.5 100 Mbps ring dual ring, dual star data, voice, video baseband fiber token-passing ITU-T
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Crossover cable:
Deployment of ATM-Based Services
Basic Troubleshooting
3: The Audit Process
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