Development EAN/UCC-13 in .NET M A T H E M A T I C A L BACKGROUND

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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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An overview of C# s string handling was presented in 7, and that discussion is not repeated here. However, it is worthwhile to review how strings are implemented in C# before examining the String class. In all computer languages, a string is a sequence of characters, but precisely how such a sequence is implemented varies from language to language. In some computer languages, such as C++, strings are arrays of characters, but this is not the case with C#. Instead, C# strings are objects of the built-in string data type. Thus, string is a reference type. Moreover, string is C# s name for System.String, the standard .NET string type. Thus, a C# string has access to all of the methods, properties, fields, and operators defined by String. Once a string has been created, the character sequence that comprises a string cannot be altered. This restriction allows C# to implement strings more efficiently. Though this restriction probably sounds like a serious drawback, it isn t. When you need a string that is a variation on one that already exists, simply create a new string that contains the desired changes, and discard the original string if it is no longer needed. Since unused string objects are automatically garbage-collected, you don t need to worry about what happens to the discarded strings. It must be made clear, however, that string reference variables may, of course, change the object to which they refer. It is just that the character sequence of a specific string object cannot be changed after it is created. To create a string that can be changed, C# offers a class called StringBuilder, which is in the System.Text namespace. For most purposes, however, you will want to use string, not StringBuilder.
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Calligraphy and Pressure Pens
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For this design the cam was tuned for a speed ratio of l = 6.6. The residual vibrations of the optimal cam here are lower than those of the polydyne cam. Thus, the output optimality criterion developed in Sec. 13.5.4 has been successful in minimizing the residual output vibrations at off-design speeds. Minimization of Hertzian Cam Contact Stress. To design for minimum contact stresses, weight factor W3 in Eq. (13.39) is chosen as large as possible. Weight factor W2 should be small but not vanishing. For example, the following weight factors have been used: W1 = 0.99, W2 = 0.01, W3 = 800. The required relative values of the weight factors may vary by many orders of magnitude from case to case due to variations in the design parameters, especially since the units of each term are different.
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Pier Cap Reinforcement
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Integrated Services Digital Network Integrated Services Digital Network 193
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Look Like a Pro
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Display content organized by categories that can optionally be assigned to each document. Refresh the list of available folders and reports. When your access permissions change or new content has been saved, refresh the list to see the new items. Display the folder name and description.
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Arborizing vessels (arrows) Polymorphous vessels (red boxes) Ulceration (black box) Irregular brown globules (circle) Regular fine pigment network (yellow box)
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Select the Magnetic Lasso tool. In the options bar which can be found below the Photoshop Elements toolbar, set the following parameters:
Presentation Server Console IMA IMA
A simulation of some kind. The term is more frequently used to refer to vehicle simulations such as flight simulators and car racing games than to process simulators like Sim City.
Although the algorithms just described are representative of those provided by the STL, they only scratch the surface. You will want to explore the others on your own. Some of the most interesting algorithms are those that operate on sets, such as set_union( ) and set_difference( ). Two other fascinating algorithms are next_permutation( ) and prev_permutation( ). They construct the next and previous permutation of elements from a sequence. The time you spend exploring the STL algorithms is time well spent.
Here is sample output:
Amplifier Design
NAT Traversal
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Figure 6-12 A simple line chart created in an Analytic Chart
n 6, I talked about some of the advanced filtering abilities of the appliances, including ACLs. One limitation of ACLs is that they can only filter on the network and transport layers of the OSI Reference Model they cannot filter on content information (information found in the payload). For instance, one type of attack that hackers like to use is to create malicious Java or ActiveX applets that users will download and run. This traffic is downloaded using HTTP port 80. The problem with ACLs is that an ACL can either permit or deny port TCP 80 traffic, which includes the applets embedded within the connection ACLs cannot filter just the applets themselves. Likewise, ACLs have issues when dealing with the filtering of web content. Imagine that you have a security policy that prohibits the downloading of pornographic material. Because web information changes all the time, you would have to continually find these sites and add them to your ACL configuration, which is an unmanageable process. On top of the security problems, an issue with downloading web content is that the process can be bandwidth-intensive, especially if multiple users are going to the same sites and downloading the same content. The appliances have three solutions to these problems. The first solution is the ability of the appliances to filter on Java and ActiveX scripts that are embedded in HTTP connections. The second solution for filtering content allows the appliances to work with third-party content filtering software to filter HTTP and FTP traffic. The third solution is the included support for the Web Cache Communications Protocol (WCCP), which allows the appliances to redirect web requests to an external web cache server to download the content. The topics included in this chapter are as follows: Java and ActiveX filtering Web content filtering Web caching
of pushback from some BusinessObjects Enterprise administrators who wanted Corporate Documents (as the shared area was called in earlier versions) to be tightly controlled. With BusinessObjects full client, users could easily use the LAN file system to otherwise share the reports and may continue to do so in Desktop Intelligence in XI Release 2. In other words, if your deployment approach is an obstacle to sharing reports, users often will find their own ways to do so. When IT facilitates the sharing, though, IT can also provide some degree of control and quality assurance. With Web Intelligence, however, users can share documents only via the repository and not via the file system. My recommendation, then, is to actively facilitate sharing of reports. You may want to structure the categories and folders such that there is one super-controlled area and other areas with less restrictions, but making the whole repository too tightly controlled may make your deployment less successful in the long term. Another major disadvantage of report variables is their effect on response time and system load. Overly complex reports can overload the Enterprise server. Formulas that require detail rows may cause too much data to be sent across the network. Let s look at the example of Last Year YTD Sales. The following Web Intelligence report formula looks at the Enterprise Server s CurrentDate to determine which months are less than the current month. If it is less than the current month, then it displays the Amount Sold, else zero. The year must be one year ago.
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