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first inserted. Does the disc go straight to a video element or to a menu Diagram each menu and how it links to other menus and video segments. For a complex title, unless you create a clean design with clear relationships between the various hierarchical levels, your viewers will become lost when trying to navigate the disc. Each box on the flowchart should indicate how the viewer will move to other boxes and what keys or menu buttons they will use to do so (Figure 12.1). Figure 12.1 Sample Disc Flowchart
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dials in nearly two decades, and similarly, a bitmap literally a map of bits of information is inadequate to describe a pixel-based image, but bitmap is used as the term for nonvector graphics in this chapter anyway. We re comfortable with the term, the term is described in the next paragraph, and bitmap is shorter to write than pixel-based image ! Let s say you have onscreen a JPEG fresh off your camera. What are you seeing Of course, you re probably seeing a friend or relative, but what you re really seeing is a finite number of placeholders for color the number of placeholders for color is so large that your mind integrates the placeholders into a familiar image. That s the map part of the term bitmap ; this map could also be called a mesh, a grid, or a canvas. All the bitmap images you take with a camera or paint in a paint program are composed of information units all lined up in a grid. You don t see the grid (or the map part of a bitmap); it s only a figurative thing, intangible it s the structure for the visual information. The finer the grid, the less likely you are to see the individual color elements, instead of your mind blending the elements into a photograph. The bit part of the term bitmap is actually a byte of color information: a bit of information can only have two possible values (usually on or off); the graphics that artists work with today have a byte (8 bits) of information per color channel with which to express a color value. The term bitmap was coined in the days when a monitor could truly only display a color or no color; thus the term bitmap, and the term has stuck with us for more than 30 years. To extend this explanation further, this unit of information lodged in a map is called a pixel, short for picture element, the smallest unit of color you can see in a bitmap image. A pixel is only a placeholder for a color value; it is not a unit of measurement, and it doesn t even have to be square (digital movie cameras take rectangular-proportioned movie pixels), and it has no fixed size. Other things a pixel is not include:
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modified at the rate of the baseband s own amplitude and frequency variations. In fact, if the amplitude of the baseband signal increases, then so will the amplitude of the RF carrier (Fig. 2.2), while decreasing the baseband s amplitude decreases the amplitude of the carrier (Fig. 2.3). The baseband modulation travels with the RF carrier to the receiver. The receiver then takes these amplitude variations that are riding on the carrier and removes them, thus converting them back into the original audio amplitude variations that were inserted at the transmitter. The recovered baseband is then amplified and fed into a speaker, or some other appropriate transducer. The percent of modulation controls the final amplitude of the detected signal, and the higher the amplitude of the baseband signal, the higher the volume at the receiver s speaker, as shown in Fig. 2.1 above. When the baseband signal is modulated at the transmitter, both the positive and negative alternations of the RF carrier will be influenced symmetrically. This means that the missing negative alternation lost by the Class C collector modulation circuit will be recreated again by the tuned output tank of the transmitter s final amplifier, forming a mirror image of the positive alternation (Fig. 2.4). Sidebands formed by the modulation between a carrier and its baseband signal are viewable in the frequency domain as shown in Fig. 2.5. The sidebands are created by the modulator s nonlinear mixing circuit, which produces sum
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Since Y inherits X as public, the protected elements of X become protected elements of Y, which means that they can be inherited by Z and this program compiles and runs correctly. However, changing X s status in Y to private, as shown in the following program, causes Z to be denied access to i and j, and the functions get_ij( ) and put_ij( ) that access them, because they have been made private in Y.
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The C# Language
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Controlling Access: A Case Study
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Value Syntax <length> | <percentage> | auto | inherit Initial Value auto Percentages refer to height of containing block Inherited no Applies to positioned elements
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The core of the security system is the control panel. This is where the guts on the security system reside. Consider Figure 5-1. This is the control panel of the Omni II security system by HAI. This is the security system we ll be installing in the next chapter.
Security Levels
3. In Part C, why was it important to use distilled water instead of tap water for the
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FIGURE 1.3. of contact.)
Protecting People
5. This frame is delivered to B-component Q as an I-tagged frame (Figure 13.9d). I-component C may deliver the frame to either (or both) of its virtual ports; each corresponds to a different virtual port on B-component Q. 6. B-component Q associates the received frame with a B-VLAN appropriate to the virtual port on which it was received and distributes the multicast or broadcast throughout the backbone network in the fully tagged format of Figure 13.9f. 7. The frame reaches all of the other I-components shown in the diagram. Only those I-components that serve the EVC specified in the frame s I-SID pay attention to the frame; the others discard it. Ideally, the combination of B-tag and/or multicast MAC address chosen by I-component C results in the frame reaching only those I-components that serve this EVC. 8. I-component E receives the frame. You can assume the Spanning Tree Protocols have resolved the loops inherent in the connections shown and, in particular, that the link between I-component B and S-cloud 1B has been severed by the spanning tree blocking one port or the other of the link. 9. I-component E de-encapsulates the frame. It learns that this particular {customer source MAC address, EVC} pair is associated with the I-component whose MAC address is the outer source MAC address of the frame (I-component C). Thus, I-component E knows how to get back to I-component C when the reply is returned. 10. I-component E does not know the destination MAC address, so it floods the frame to all ports in the EVC. Only the port to S-cloud 1B belongs to the EVC, so it floods it only in that direction. I-component E translates the I-SID into the appropriate S-VLAN value for S-cloud 1. The VLAN ID may be different from the VLAN-ID used in S-cloud 2; their VLAN ID spaces are totally independent. 11. S-cloud 1B delivers the frame to customer device C-T. 12. When C-T replies to C-S, I-component E gets the frame and uses its learned information to encapsulate the frame, as shown in Figure 13.9d. It has learned what unicast outer destination MAC address to use, so the backbone network can deliver the frame straight to I-component C. 13. While delivering the return frame, I-component C learns from this return frame what outer MAC address to use to reach customer device C-T. Now, these two devices can communicate with no flooding involved.
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