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/* Display a text file. To use this program, specify the name of the file that you want to see. For example, to see a file called TEST.CS, use the following command line. ShowFile TEST.CS */ using System; using System.IO; class ShowFile { static void Main(string[] args) {
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// A simple demonstration of a base class constraint. using System; class MyStrMethods { // Reverse a string and return the result. public string ReverseStr(string str) { string result = ""; foreach(char ch in str) result = ch + result; return result; } // ... } // Class MyClass inherits MyStrMethods. class MyClass : MyStrMethods { } // Class MyClass2 does not inherit MyStrMethods. class MyClass2 { }
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A bee-hive is a small spindle package with a rigid plastic cover that is held on with a screw-on nut. These packages got their name because they look a little bit like the attened cones used to cultivate honey bees. Beehives usually hold 50 or 100 blank discs, and are a moderately inexpensive way to buy and store bulk media.
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Transcendental Functions
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= x 2 sin x + 2x cos x 2 sin x + C.
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Figure 5-1 The cervical transformation zone.
In this section we lay out some de nitions that will be important throughout the book. A branch is a single element or component in a circuit. If several
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