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var vals = new[,] { {1.1, 2.2}, {3.3, 4.4},{ 5.5, 6.6} };
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OCLUSTER.TEST.COM = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ocluster1.test.com)(PORT = 1521)) (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ocluster2.test.com)(PORT = 1521)) ) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = ocluster.test.com) ) )
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ELECTRIC VEHICLES OF AMERICA, INC. 11 EAGLE TRA CE, P O. BO X 2037 . WOLFEBORO, NH 03894 (603) 569-2100 FAX (603) 569-2900 EVAmerica@aol.com 144V SYSTEM CAR P ACKAGE USING 12V BA TTERIES QTY 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 DESCRIPTION DRIVE SYSTEM FB1-4001A Advanced DC Motor with dual shaft 30 hp continuous 100 hp peak Curtis 1231C-8601 On-Road EV Controller (96 144V) 500 Amp Limit Aluminum Plate/heat sink compound/12V fan PB-6 Cur tis P otbox Albright Contactor s SW-200 (12V coil) Adaptor Plate with Spacer s (2) Manual Transmission Clutchless Motor Coupling (Aluminum) Manual Transmission Clutchless BATTERY SYSTEM Zivan NG3 Charger 2800 w atts 230V AC input 144VDC output Batter y Terminal Protective Co vers (Red & Black) 2/0 Cable 25 ft Black, 25 ft Red Heavy Duty Magna Lugs Plated (36+4) ft Heat Shrink with sealant INSTRUMENTATION 80 180 Westberg V oltmeter 0 500 Amp Westberg Ammeter 50 mV Shunt POWER BRAKES Vacuum Pump (12V) Vacuum Switch In-line Fuseholder s SAFETY Littelfuse L25S-400 Littelfuse holder Littelfuse KLK control fuse and holder
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The output from this program is shown here:
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(mittelschmerz); regulates menses; Lessens anemia; Improves acne (with estrogen-containing pills); protects against benign breast disease, formation of new corpus luteum cysts, osteoporosis, hirsutism; may reduce fibroids (controversial); decreases risk for ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), colorectal cancer, ectopic pregnancy What are the risks of taking OCPs Increased risk of thromboembolic disease/stroke; hepatocellular adenoma; adenocarcinoma of the cervix; myocardial infarction (MI) (especially in high estrogen formulations); subarachnoid hemorrhage; hypertension; insulin dependence in diabetics Experts agree there is most likely no risk between birth control pills and breast cancer History of thromboembolic disease/ thrombophlebitis; smokers >age 35; cerebrovascular disease/coronary artery disease; congenital hyperlipidemia; history of an estrogen-dependent tumor; liver disease; pregnancy Diabetes mellitus (may need to change insulin dose) Epilepsy (can use the higher dose E2 pills if their medicines stimulate the P450 system; if their medicines do not, there is no contraindication) Gallbladder disease (although benign disease is not a contraindication) Hypertension (requires close monitoring) Use of some antibiotics Postpartum state (women may be susceptible to clots following delivery) Migraines/vascular headaches with aura Obesity
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// Add handlers to the event list. evt.SomeEvent += Handler; evt.SomeEvent += xOb.Xhandler; evt.SomeEvent += yOb.Yhandler; // Fire the event. evt.OnSomeEvent(); Console.WriteLine(); // Remove a handler. evt.SomeEvent -= xOb.Xhandler; evt.OnSomeEvent(); } }
A Line-by-Line Explanation
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Neurotransmitter receptor
Order of delivery The transport layer includes protocols that are able to track the order in which packets are delivered. Typically, each transported packet will have a serialized number that the receiving system will use to make sure that packets on the receiving system are delivered to higher layers in proper order. When coupled with guaranteed delivery, a receiving system can request retransmission of any missing packets, ensuring that none are lost. The protocols at the transport layer are doing the heavy lifting by ensuring the integrity of messages that flow from system to system. The ability for data communications to take place over the vast worldwide network that is the global Internet is made possible by the characteristics of protocols in the transport layer. Examples of transport layer protocols include: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) This is the TCP in the TCP/IP protocol suite. The TCP protocol is connection-oriented through the use of numbered ports. When a system sends a TCP packet to another system on a specific port, that port number helps the operating system to direct the message to a specific program. For example, port 25 is used for inbound email, ports 20 and 21 are used for FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and port 80 is used for HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol). Hundreds of preassigned port numbers are the subject of Internet standards. TCP employs guaranteed delivery and guaranteed order of delivery. UDP (User Datagram Protocol) This is the other principal protocol used by TCP/IP in the OSI transport layer. Unlike TCP, UDP is a lighter-weight protocol that lacks connection orientation, order of delivery, and guaranteed delivery. UDP consequently has less computing and network overhead, which makes it ideal for some protocols that are less sensitive to occasional packet loss. Examples of protocols that use UDP are DNS (domain name system), TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol), and VoIP (Voice over IP). Like TCP, UDP does employ port numbers so that incoming packets on a computer can be delivered to the right program or process. Sometimes UDP is called unreliable data protocol, a memory aid that is a reference to the protocol s lack of guaranteed delivery. OSI Layer 5: Session The session layer in the OSI model is used to control connections that are established between systems. This involves connection establishment, termination, and recovery. In the OSI model, connection control takes place in the session layer. This means that the concept of the establishment of a logical connection between systems is a session layer function. However, the TCP protocol which is generally thought of as a transport layer protocol handles this on its own. So it could be said that the portion of the TCP protocol that handles connection setup and teardown is mapped to the OSI session layer, while the transport portion of TCP maps to the OSI transport layer. Examples of session layer protocols include:
Part III:
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
specific compared to the nonpregnant woman. In pregnancy, the appendix is commonly upwardly displaced. Vague pain on the right side of the abdomen is the most consistent clinical symptom of acute appendicitis in the pregnant woman, and there should be a high index of suspicion for appendicitis for any abdominal pain What is the first-line imaging modality in pregnant women with suspected appendicitis What are potential consequences of a ruptured appendix MRI. an appendiceal CT may be used if an MRI is not feasible; it is also more accurate than a graded compression ultrasonography Preterm labor, maternal and fetal sepsis which may lead to fetal neurologic injury, and spontaneous abortion/fetal demise Appendectomy is the gold standard. Laparoscopic appendicitis is being used more frequently, especially in the first half of the pregnancy Increased estrogens cause an increase in cholesterol saturation, which, in addition to biliary stasis and decreased gallbladder contraction, lead to more gallstones 7%. Motor vehicle accidents account for 40%, falls account for 30%, direct assaults to the maternal abdomen (20%), and others (10%) Automobile accidents Death to the mother Abruptio placentae Admit for observation for at least 24 hours Monitor mother; an fetal well-being should be obtained (nonstress test, BPP, FHR monitor) If bleeding is present, obtain Rh status by using the Kleihauer-Betke test. For the woman who is
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