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(Anodic or Least Noble Active) Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys Zinc Aluminum Alloys Cadmium Mild Steel Wrought Iron Cast Iron 13% Chromium Stainless Steel, Type 410 (active in still water) 18-8 Stainless Steel, Type 304 (active in still water) Ni-Resist 18-8, 3% Mo Stainless Steel, Type 316 (active in still water) Inconel (78% Ni 13.5% Cr 6% Fe) (active in still water) Aluminum Bronze (92% Cu 8% AI) Nibral (81.2% Cu 4% Fe 4.5% Ni 9% Al 1.3% Mn) Naval Brass (60% Cu 39% Zn) Yellow Brass (65% Cu 35% Zn) Red Brass (85% Cu 15% Zn) Muntz Metal (60% Cu 40% Zn) Tin Copper 50-50 Lead Tin Solder Admiralty Brass (71% Cu 28% Zn 1% Sn) Aluminum Brass (76% Cu 22% Zn 2% AI) Manganese Bronze (58.5% Cu 39% Zn 1% Sn 1% Fe 0.3% Mn) Silicon Bronze (96% Cu max 0.8% Fe 1.5% Zn 2% Si 0.75% Mn 1.6% Sn) Bronze-Composition G (88% Cu 2% Zn 10% Sn) Bronze ASTM B62 (thru-hull) (85% Cu 5% Pb 5% Sn 5% Zn) Bronze-Composition M (88% Cu 3% Zn 6.5% Zn 1.5% Pb) 13% Chromium Stainless Steel, Type 410 (passive) Copper Nickel (90% Cu 10% Ni) Copper Nickel (75% Cu 20% Ni 5% Zn) Lead Copper Nickel (70% Cu 30% Ni) Inconel (78% Ni 13.5% Cr 6% Fe) (passive) Nickel 200 18-8 Stainless Steel, Type 304 (passive) Monel 400, K-500 (70% Ni 30% Cu) Stainless Steel Propeller Shaft (ASTM 630:#17 and ASTM 564:#19) 18-8, 3% Mo Stainless Steel, Type 316 (passive) Titanium Hastelloy C Stainless Steel Shafting (Bar) (UNS 20910) Platinum Graphite
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INSERT INTO Student (StdSSN, StdFirstName, StdLastName, StdCity, StdState, StdClass, StdMajor, StdGPA) VALUES ('999999999', 'JOE', 'STUDENT', 'SEATAC, 'WA, 'FR', 'IS', 0.0)
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Optimally Fast Charging
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
To access ASDM, use https://IP_address:444, as an example. ASDM is discussed in 27.
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Pressure-Viscosity Coef cient and Materials Parameter for Representative Lubricants* Pressure-viscosity coef cient, a, m2/N (psi-1) 40 C (104 F) 1.54 10-8 (1.06 10-4) 2.5 10-8 (1.73 10-4) 1.24 10-8 (0.85 10-4) 1.15 10-8 (0.79 10-4) 1.38 10-8 (0.95 10-4) 1.77 10-8 (1.77 10-4) 2.19 10-8 (1.51 10-4) 100 C (212 F) 1.17 10-8 (0.81 10-4) 1.54 10-8 (1.06 10-4) 0.99 10-8 (0.68 10-4) 0.93 10-8 (0.63 10-4) 1.13 10-8 (0.79 10-4) 1.51 10-8 (1.04 10-4) 1.54 10-8 (1.06 10-4) 150 C (302 F) 1.02 10-8 (0.70 10-4) 1.27 10-8 (0.87 10-4) 0.87 10-8 (0.60 10-4) 0.80 10-8 (0.55 10-4) 1.04 10-8 (0.72 10-4) 1.09 10-8 (0.75 10-4) 1.07 10-8 (0.74 10-4) Materials parameter, G = aE 40 C (104 F) 3498 5709 2805 2607 3135 100 C (212 F) 2673 3498 2244 2079 2607 150 C (302 F) 2310 2871 1980 1815 2376
4. Are there potential integration points for data exchange between these systems and existing systems such as Timberline and Prolog How open are the systems to be evaluated toward integration with other systems and tools 5. Is model-based estimating applicable to Turner s existing processes If not, specifically why not 6. Do the systems to be evaluated support the estimating process as the design evolves from a schematic sketch to construction documents How do model-based technologies support the design process, and do these technologies have the potential to impact or alter Turner s role 7. Is model-based estimating more cost-effective than the traditional estimating process 8. What other benefits are created in the preconstruction phase or downstream in the project life cycle from performing model-based estimating; and how do these benefits impact the conclusions to question 7 9. What are the coordination and interaction points with our subcontractors 10. What changes would be required to our preconstruction methodology regarding roles, staffing, and process to achieve the maximum potential benefits of these systems Are there viable alternatives to consider that achieve less benefit but incur less change to our existing processes and organization 11. What are the inherent major risks of these systems that should be considered 12. What are the hardware and software requirements for deploying these systems 13. What is the potential impact that model-based preconstruction may have on Turner In the fall of 2006 one Graphisoft license was purchased, including Estimator and Control. My initial goal was to prove that using 3D modeling to capture quantities could be accomplished in relatively the same amount of time as using current takeoff systems. To that end, the first step was to learn to model in ArchiCAD (Graphisoft s modeling engine). The pilot presented a challenge that consumed many nights and weekends, since I still had projects to complete and deadlines to meet. A fair amount of self-motivation was required to push through this challenging period. I began by modeling a medical office building that I was estimating at the time since I had the drawing s and permission to use them. Progress was slow due to the limited time available. Project: Medical Office Building This was a $90 million core and shell medical office building, 710,000 ft2 and 15 stories. Structure: parking post tensioned concrete, podium CIP concrete, tower structural steel with concrete decks. See Fig. 5.3.1. One morning in early November, I showed one of our project executives the progress I was making with 3D modeling tools. He showed immediate enthusiasm and wondered if the 3D tools could be used to help solve some design detailing problems he was having on one of his projects. Even though this problem had nothing to do with estimating, it was a common field problem that could be solved using 3D technology. Based on that encounter, I was immediately given a new high-speed computer, a job number to charge time against, and direction to model the project during regular work hours. This sudden
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Cable Use Horizontal Centralized Backbone
TABLE 21-3
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