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As the Blu-ray Disc format matures, disc recorders are becoming available for the format3. These recordable drives are available for installation in laptop or desktop computers, and may be used in standalone HD disc recorders, too. BD recordable drives for computers have been introduced worldwide. These are available in both the internal and the external drive flavors, using recordable and re-recordable (BDR/BD-RE) media. Additionally, both single and dual layer discs can be utilized for recording. Manufacturers are working on even higher capacity discs, but it is unlikely that a disc recorder of greater than dual-layer capacity will be marketed to the general consumer. It is difficult to pin down the minimum requirements for a computer that incorporates a high definition optical drive, whether a laptop or a desktop. The data rate and throughput demands that a 1080p image at 24 frames per second puts on a computer are massive and relentless. Couple those demands with the typical operating environment of a computer with its power needs, display needs, media player needs, application needs, and that s a whole lotta needs! Thus the computing power required for HD OD (high definition optical disc) play, let alone record, remains an area for experimentation and imagination. As a reference, here are the specifications for the Sony VAIO desktop, model VGT-LT39U Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9300 @ 2.50 GHz Two 750 GB hard drives (which, by the way, is 1.5 terabytes!) 4 GB PC2-5300 DDR2, 667 MHz SDRAM NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT graphics card with 256 MB video RAM 22 WSXGA display, 1680 1050 Blu-ray Disc Read/Write (BD-R/-RE/-ROM,DVD RW/ R DL/RAM, CD-R/-RW) (Interestingly, the display does not natively reproduce 1080 lines. Ah, well...)
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he Zag meteorite fell in the western Sahara of Morocco in August 1998. This meteorite was unusual in that it contained small crystals of halite (table salt), which experts believe formed by the evaporation of brine (salt water). It is one of the few indications that liquid water, which is essential for the development of life, may have existed in the early solar system. The halite crystals in the meteorite had a remarkably high abundance of 128Xe, a decay product of a short-lived iodine isotope that has long been absent from the solar system. Scientists believe that the iodine existed when the halite crystals formed. The xenon formed when this iodine decayed. For this reason, the Zag meteorite is believed to be one of the oldest artifacts in the solar system. In this lab, you will use potassium-argon radiochemical dating to estimate the age of the Zag meteorite and the solar system.
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Wide Area Networking Overview
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The second element of the comparison may be a noun, a subject
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LIV is a procedure by which the user and the network periodically exchange polling sequence numbers to determine the integrity of the link. Examples of polling sequence numbers are indicated in Figure 8.7 and Figure 8.8 in the parentheses of the LIV and Full Status Report (FSR) messages. The user sends out a Status Enquiry message containing a send polling sequence number and the value of the last received polling sequence number.
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What are the different modalities of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) 1. In vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET) 2. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) 3. Gamete intra-fallopian tube transfer (GIFT) 4. Zygote intra-fallopian tube transfer (ZIFT) 5. Oocyte donation IVF-ET: The female s ovary is hyperstimulated by daily FSH injections. Multiple mature eggs are collected by a transvaginal procedure and combined with sperm in the laboratory to allow fertilization to occur. After fertilization selected embryos are placed in the female s uterus to allow development. Pregnancy is achieved 28% of the time and 82% result in one or more births ICSI: This procedure combines the technique of IVF and involves taking a single sperm from the male partner and injecting it directly into the cytoplasm of the egg in the laboratory. It is commonly used as treatment for male infertility factor. Overall fertilization rate is 60%
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1. Label a 100-mL beaker acid and pour about
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Express ln x as the logarithm to some base.
In C#, the body associated with a for loop (or any other loop) can be empty. This is because an empty statement is syntactically valid. Body-less loops are often useful. For example, the following program uses one to sum the numbers 1 through 5:
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
1. Calculate each of the following antiderivatives: (a) Antiderivative of x 3 + cos x (b) Antiderivative of e x + x 2 1 (c) (d) (e) (f) Antiderivative of t 2 + lnt t Antiderivative of tan x + sin x cos 3x Antiderivative of sin 3x + cos 4x + 1 Antiderivative of (sin x) e cos x
#include <iostream>
Blu-ray is an excellent sales and presentation tool. A complete presentation system can be contained in a portable player. DVD proved popular for this, and Blu-ray has the advantage of much more detail and readability on high-definition displays. Home sales presentations, for example, can be enhanced greatly by professional video supplements provided on disc. The presenter simply plugs a portable player into the customer s TV or puts a disc in the customer s player. Unlike videotape, which must be watched in a linear manner, a DVD or Bluray Disc can contain different segments for different scenarios, with answers to common questions, and so on, all quickly accessible from menus. The need to train sales and marketing representatives is reduced by having them rely on prepared presentations to be called up, as needed. A point-of-information kiosk or a trade show video presentation is vastly improved with Blu-ray. The disc can be set to loop forever customers will not wander off as they did when a black screen appeared after the tape ran out or while it rewound. Full interactivity, either directly for the person using the kiosk or for a representative working an exhibit, can be provided on the disc. Product catalogs with thousands of photographs and video vignettes can be put on a single disc for a fraction of the cost of printed catalogs. Of course, the video catalog cannot be read at the kitchen table at least not until thin videopad players become available. Environmental resource waste from printed catalogs is becoming a big concern. Environmentally conscious companies can replace tons of paper with polycarbonate discs. By producing discs that connect back to the company Web site via the Internet, the life of the discs can be extended with updated prices, product information, new promotions, and other supplements. A Blu-ray Disc can contain literally hundreds of hours of audio, any part of which can be accessed in seconds, making it the perfect vehicle for instructional audio programs.
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Row 1: Inputs for revenues Row 2: Output for revenues Row 3: Input for COGS Row 4: Output for COGS Etc.
Noncathodic Corrosion
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