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Functions, Part One: The Fundamentals
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Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis 614 Network Test Instrumentation
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Leased Ethernet 100BT EDD 100BT
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The overall objective of problem management is the reduction in the number and severity of incidents. Problem management can also include some proactive measures, including system monitoring to measure system health and capacity management that will help management to forestall capacity-related incidents. Examples of problems include: A server that has exhausted available resources that result in similar, multiple errors (which, in ITSM terms, are known as incidents) A software bug in a service that is noticed by and affecting many users A chronically congested network that causes the communications between many IT components to fail Similar to incidents, when the root cause of a problem has been identified, the change management and configuration management processes will be enacted to make temporary and permanent fixes.
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Understanding Light
Subscriber Installation and Terminal Devices
Why Electric Vehicles Are Still Right for Today!
It s very easy to undo what you ve done: to restore the origin of the Rulers to the default setting, you double-click the origin. A more dramatic change you can make to the Rulers is to actually reposition them in the workspace, not merely change where the units appear. To undock the Rulers (they come as a set; you cannot undock only one Ruler), hold SHIFT and then drag the Ruler origin to where you want the Rulers to begin. You ll see a dashed-line preview onscreen for the intended new location of the rulers; release the mouse button and the rulers move to this position. To restore the Rulers (to dock them), you hold SHIFT and then double-click the Rulers origin. See Figure 6-4. Once the Rulers are undocked, you re free to move them as needed, by holding SHIFT while dragging the origin. Regardless of where you place the Rulers in the workspace, the zero for the increments on the Rulers remains constant. To see this, move the view of the page by using the scroll bars at the right and bottom of the screen or use the Hand Tool (H); the increments on the undocked Rulers move as you move your view. When you zoom in and out of the page, the Rulers behave accordingly. If you need to move the origin while the Rulers are undocked, drag the origin. CorelDRAW s Rulers accommodate your diverse needs.
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The C# Language
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