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// Demonstrate a reference constraint. using System; class MyClass { //... } // Use a reference constraint. class Test<T> where T : class { T obj; public Test() { // The following statement is legal only // because T is guaranteed to be a reference // type, which can be assigned the value null. obj = null; } // ... } class ClassConstraintDemo { static void Main() { // The following is OK because MyClass is a class. Test<MyClass> x = new Test<MyClass>(); // The next line is in error because int is a value type. Test<int> y = new Test<int>(); } }
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There are three main areas in the VBE: 1. Top left corner: This is the Project Explorer window, which shows you the items that the VB Editor has. If you do not see this window on your screen, or if you inadvertently closed it by clicking on the X box at its top right corner, you can make it reappear by going through this sequence in the VB Editor (and not in the worksheet part): View > Project Explorer. 2. Bottom left corner: This is the Properties window. It will show the properties of the item being highlighted in the Project Explorer window. To make this window appear if it is not there, use: View > Properties Window. 3. Right side of the screen: This is the Code Editor window. This is the window that will show the macros
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vector<int> iv; vector<char> cv(5); vector<char> cv(5, 'x'); vector<int> iv2(iv); // // // // create zero-length int vector create 5-element char vector initialize a 5-element char vector create int vector from an int vector
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Variables, Constants, Operators, and Expressions
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forms ions when placed in water and write the equations for the reactions. Which are acids Which are bases
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You can ignore the Saturation slider unless you want to make it look as if someone has a sunburn.
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Again, use context-sensitive help to see what s next:
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Developer s challenge What if you did say no to this Developer s follow-on response If the Two says, I just can t, answer: What if you could If there is still no concrete answer, ask: Do you always say yes to everything others ask of you Can you lend me some money This last question is meant as a joke to jar the Two.
Once an executive sponsor has been identified and management has accepted the feasibility committee s financial analysis of implementing an enterprise deployment of Citrix, a planning team can be assembled. The project planning team will be primarily composed of IT staff, including handson technical people. It should also include some members from the feasibility committee and possibly representatives from multiple departments or divisions. This will help ensure that the organization s enterprise goals are met with this enterprise deployment.
Strings and Formatting
<color> Any color value (see the section on color units in 2 for more details). If no color is specified by this property or another border property, then the foreground color of the element is used for the border s color. Since this property sets the color for a single side of the border, it can only accept Note one color value.
C# supports the XML documentation tags shown in Table A-1. Most of the XML comment tags are readily understandable, and they work like all other XML tags with which most programmers are already familiar. However, the <list> tag is more complicated than the others. A list contains two components: a list header and list items. The general form of a list header is shown here: <listheader> <term> name </term> <description> text </description> </listheader> Here, text describes name. For a table, text is not used. The general form of a list item is shown next: <item> <term> item-name </term> <description> text </description> </item> Here, text describes item-name. For bulleted or numbered lists or tables, item-name is not used. There can be multiple <item> entries.
pushrod (the next lowest spring rate) as a exible element. The model then takes the shape of Fig. 11.25a, where the mass of the pushrod has been divided equally between the elements on either side of it, the lifter and the rocker arm (Chen, 1982; Hanachi and Freudenstein, 1986). The parameter values then become m1 = ml + 1 m pr 2 = 0.270 lbm + ( 0.5)0.114 lbm = 0.327 lbm J m 2 1 2 m pr + 2 ra + mvs rra + cs rra lra , pr 2 3 0.132 lbm in 2 0.153 lbm 2 (1.7)2 = 1.10 lbm + 0.251 lbm(1.7) + 3 (0.875 in )2 K1 = K pr = 3.0 10 5 lb in K2 = Keq = 660 lb in Since this is exactly the same form as the suspension model discussed earlier, the natural frequencies of this two-mass system can be calculated and occur at 67 Hz (as predicted by the one degree of freedom model) and 3400 Hz. This suggests two things. First, the next natural frequency is signi cantly higher than the rst so there is ample justi cation for using a single-mass model for basic analysis. Secondly, while the single mass
Often administrators are asked to provide a set of high-level reports reflecting the overall health of a particular enterprise application or for the entire Citrix XenApp farm. In
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