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Although this book is primarily focused on Citrix XenApp for Windows Server 2003 and 2008, UNIX-based applications continue to be a mainstay of many large enterprise environments, and Windows and UNIX users alike can benefit from seamless, singlepoint, web access to these applications. Because of the overall value of the Citrix Delivery Center in providing web-based seamless access to all applications from any device, for all users, we felt strongly that XenApp for UNIX should be covered in this book. A large majority of the features and infrastructure discussed in these pages will apply equally to XenApp for UNIX and XenApp for Windows 2003 and 2008 Server. Features and tools such as Web Interface, Secure Gateway, Load Management, and any-device access are further promoted by bringing the UNIX applications to the Citrix Delivery Center fold.
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Clicking this button sends the copy running-config startup-config command down to the router, causing the router to save its active configuration to NVRAM. Clicking this button displays a screen where you can type in a key word or words to find different screens within SDM. Hyperlinks will appear next to the displayed results that you can click and be taken directly to the selected Configure or Monitor screen. Clicking this button pulls up help on how to use SDM to configure your router.
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by Abdul Kasim
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3. Find the reactance of element XS of the L network: a. XS QS RS b. XS 1.96 12 c. XS 23.5 ohms 4. To convert the calculated XS reactance into an inductor value: a. L b. L c. L XS 2 f 23.5 2 1.5 GHz 2.5 nH
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The prototype for sscanf( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The sscanf( ) function is identical to scanf( ) except that data is read from the array pointed to by buf rather than stdin. See scanf( ). The return value is equal to the number of fields that were actually assigned values. This number does not include fields that were skipped through the use of the * format-command modifier. A value of 0 means that no fields were assigned, and EOF indicates that a read was attempted at the end of the string.
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Connector is now a Straight Connector. Click the Angled Connector button to change it back again.
You ll find that several web tools and resources are located throughout CorelDRAW, but the central location for many of these resources is the Internet Toolbar. Here s a look at the toolbar; you choose Window | Toolbars | Internet or right-click any visible toolbar, and then choose Internet from the pop-up menu. The buttons on this toolbar are dimmed unless you
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