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Extra care is required during placement of epoxy-coated reinforcement. Repair is required of epoxy coating that is damaged before or during placement. Galvanized reinforcement: Galvanized reinforcement can be used in most applications where epoxy is suitable. An advantage of galvanized reinforcement over epoxy is shorter development length. Galvanized bars shall not be used in prestressed beams. The current standard is to use a calcium nitrite corrosion inhibitor in prestressed elements, which negates the need for other corrosion protection measures. Uncoated bars and galvanized bars shall not be mixed in the same structural element. Uncoated (plain) reinforcement: In general, uncoated (plain) steel is the most economical choice when the concrete members provide adequate cover, and the reinforcement is not exposed to chlorides or other severe environments. Stainless steel clad reinforcement: Bends, development length, and lap splice requirements are similar to plain bars. The primary difference between stainless steel clad and solid stainless steel is that stainless steel clad has a plain core that must be protected after cutting, leading to increased time and effort in the eld. Solid stainless steel and stainless steel clad reinforcement are appropriate for the following: When added durability reduces cost, either long-term or during construction. This can occur: When environmental conditions are particularly severe When the cost of repairs is unusually high due to heavy traf c or construction conditions When design of concrete sections as uncracked under service load is not feasible When cover is less than standard In extreme environments such as in a cap beam beneath an expansion joint A substructure located in or near a body of salt water.
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Figure 5-23. Variable Table Commission Schedule
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addresses, changing ISPs, merging networks with overlapping addresses, and representing multiple devices as a single logical device.
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form shown in Figure 2-13 will exist between the CSRC fields and the actual data payload. Note that RTP only requires that the header extension should contain a length indicator in a specific location. Beyond that requirement, RTP does not specify what type of data is to be included in a header extension, or even how long the extension may be. Provided that a length indication exists, it is possible for the boundary between the header extension and the payload to be clearly identified.
Head Center Challenge: The What if Question What if challenges work well in situations in which the learner makes assumptions that something is important and inviolate. These assumptions are part of the learner s unchallenged beliefs and paradigms. After hearing the Four learner say something involving an explicit or implicit assumption, the developer poses a relevant What if question. The chart on the following page lists three common mental models for Fours, the question the developer should ask to challenge each assumption, and the ways in which the developer should respond once the Four has answered the developer s challenge.
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class X { protected: int i; int j; public: void get_ij(); void put_ij(); } ; class Y : public X { int k; public: int get_k(); void make_k(); } ;
Method public static int Compare(string strA, int indexA, string strB, int indexB, int length, CultureInfo culture, CompareOptions options)
5. Drawing a Conclusion Summarize what you have learned about the organization of the
Magnesium is renally excreted and blood levels may quickly become toxic if the patient become oliguric, <0.5 cc/kg/h Calcium gluconate IV, hydration, respiratory and cardiac support
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Measuring and Drawing Helpers
Appendix A: Answers to Self Tests
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