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Managing the Printer Driver Replication Queue
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6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Write the function k from the last example as the composition of three functions (instead of just two).
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Technology Description
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Figure 6-16 Sync-suppression methods using sine waves
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class MyThread { public Thread Thrd; public MyThread(string name) { Thrd = new Thread(this.Run); Thrd.Name = name; Thrd.Start(); } // This is the entry point for thread. void Run() { try { Console.WriteLine(Thrd.Name + " starting."); for(int i = 1; i <= 1000; i++) { Console.Write(i + " "); if((i%10)==0) { Console.WriteLine(); Thread.Sleep(250); } } Console.WriteLine(Thrd.Name + " exiting normally."); } catch(ThreadAbortException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Thread aborting, code is " + exc.ExceptionState); } } } class UseAltAbort { static void Main() { MyThread mt1 = new MyThread("My Thread"); Thread.Sleep(1000); // let child thread start executing Console.WriteLine("Stopping thread."); mt1.Thrd.Abort(100); mt1.Thrd.Join(); // wait for thread to terminate Console.WriteLine("Main thread terminating."); } }
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A Closer Look at the Exception Class
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The National LM386 is a low-voltage audio amplifier that is perfect for lowfrequency amplification. In voiceband radios this IC can amplify the audio signal all the way from the detector stage to the 8-ohm speaker or headphones. The National device has very low quiescent current drain (4 mA), accepts a wide range of Vcc (4 to 12 V), has adjustable voltage gain (20 to 200), decent distortion levels [ 10 percent total harmonic distortion (THD)], and has an output driving power of 700 mW with a 9-V supply into 8 ohms. To design an audio IC amplifier, use Fig. 3.108 as a model. CB will bypass any RF that escaped the detector, while it can also be chosen to limit the audio-frequency response of the amplifier. Many demanding cases will require either an active op-amp or a passive RC low-pass or bandpass filter placed before the amplifier in order to limit the frequency response and noise even further; voice should be band-limited to between 300 and 2500 Hz, since this will reduce the higher-frequency noise and heterodyne outputs, as well as any low-frequency 60- and 120-Hz hum. The gain for the amplifier as shown will be 200, but can be adjusted downward by the addition of a resistor in series with the capacitor between pins 1 and 8 (for instance, a 1.2 kilohm resistor will set the gain to 50). Removing the capacitor, and leaving pins 1 and 8 open entirely, will decrease the gain to 20. Adjusting the pot at the input to the LM386 will alter the amplitude of the output signal into the speaker.
// Use a custom Exception for RangeArray errors. using System; // Create a RangeArray exception. class RangeArrayException : Exception { /* Implement all of the Exception constructors. Notice that the constructors simply execute the base class constructor. Because RangeArrayException adds nothing to Exception, there is no need for any further actions. */ public RangeArrayException() : base() { } public RangeArrayException(string str) : base(str) { } public RangeArrayException(string str, Exception inner) : base(str, inner) { } protected RangeArrayException( System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationInfo si, System.Runtime.Serialization.StreamingContext sc) : base(si, sc) { } // Override ToString for RangeArrayException. public override string ToString() { return Message; } } // An improved version of RangeArray. class RangeArray { // Private data. int[] a; // reference to underlying array int lowerBound; // smallest index int upperBound; // largest index // An auto-implemented, read-only Length property. public int Length { get; private set; }
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VLAN Overview
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3: Program Control Statements
Fujifilm FinePix 30i
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