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5 I N D E T E R M I N A T E F O R M S
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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25: WAN Introduction
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The following pie chart shows some additional chart properties with the following options set under Appearance > Data > Values: Show data Show segment labels Show as percentages A scatter plot chart type is helpful in visualizing the correlation between two measures. For example, if you discount products, do you increase your sales volume As shown next, there are higher discounts on higher quantities sold for sweaters. However, even though overcoats had high discounts, volume sold is still lower than other product lines. This chart also shows some additional properties with data markers (Appearance > Data > Vary Data Markers). The legend is centered across the bottom of the chart (Appearance > Legend > Position=Bottom).
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FIGURE 11.4.
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ing, say, a hundred red dots, you store one red dot and a count of 100. This reduces the amount of information from 100 pieces to 3 pieces (a marker indicating a run of similar colored dots, the color, and the count) or even 2 pieces (if all information is stored as pairs of color and count), as shown in Figure 2.4. This is called run-length encoding (RLE). It is a form of lossless compression, meaning that the original picture can be reconstructed perfectly with no missing detail. Run-length encoding is great for synthetic images simple, computer-generated images containing relatively few colors. However, this method does not work well for most natural images (e.g., photographs) because in the natural world there are continuous, subtle changes in color that thwart the RLE process. Figure 2.4 Run-length Compression Example
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3.8.1 Introduction
Linked components appear dimmed
Figure 5.3.10 Another window in Estimator showing a different format for the project estimate listing of the sample wall. (Image courtesy of Turner Construction, Seattle, Washington.)
As this storyboard illustrates, it is almost impossible to split the job content (new account selling) from its supporting sales compensation program (commission on all new sales). Although most people can list 10 to 15 different types of sales jobs, the list actually totals close to 50 distinct selling jobs. Not all industries or companies use all 50 sales jobs. In fact, it s unlikely that a sales department will use more than 15 or 20 sales jobs and will more likely need only 8 to 12 sales jobs. As we will demonstrate, the foundation of sales compensation design rests with the underlying job content regardless of the industry or company.
Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
Related Function
To view the commands that you have executed at an access level, move to that access level, and execute the show history command, like this:
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