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Part II:
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Measuring the accuracy with which a CDMA mobile performs open-loop power control requires that the mobile be actively transmitting and monitoring the signal level from a CDMA base station simulator. Then, by changing the output level of the pilot channel and measuring the response of the CDMA mobile, one can verify the mobile s open loop power control performance. This test is performed at three different power levels of the base station simulator s pilot channel. Note that the power measuring instrument must be able to measure power accurately over an 80 dB dynamic range. By specification, the CDMA mobile must follow the open-loop power control equation with 9.5 dB accuracy. Measuring open-loop accuracy is relatively easy. Here is an at-a-glance summary of the test parameters:
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Available operators Filter value
R u n t i m e Ty p e I D , R e f l e c t i o n , a n d A t t r i b u t e s
He rests instead of working.
Router(config)# interface serial [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-if)# frame-relay lmi-type ansi|cisco|q933a
To get corporate America back on the switched network, AT&T devised a marketing strategy. The approach went something like this to the CEO/CFO: Look, your primary business is banking [building airplanes, trading stocks, selling insurance or whatever], but it is not running a telephone company. Who knows better how to run a telephone system than we do (You can substitute your favorite carrier here. AT&T is chosen here because they were the first to introduce this service.) You think you are saving money by using these dedicated lines. On the surface, it appears that you are. However, who is managing this network What is it costing you to recover from outages Do you have back-up facilities for each of your dedicated routes Your dedicated team of telephony experts is costing you a bundle. Why are you doing this The CFO and CEO look at each other and shrug their shoulders. Our CIO or CTO [ 2 ] sold us on the idea for providing better service at a lower cost, they said in unison. Look, said AT&T. We have the ultimate (outsourcing) deal that will provide all your current capabilities for one low price. We will manage the whole network for you and give you all the service you currently enjoy with your private network with little or no hassle. Our product is called (somewhat obscurely) Software Defined Network because you can define the parameters of the network yourself, AT&T said proudly. Sprint and MCI/Worldcom [ 3 ] also offer essentially the same product and call it a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We use VPN here because it is both the generally used term, and it is descriptive of the offering. Here is how the deal works : The company defines the locations that will be part of the virtual private network. The larger the average traffic commitment made between these locations, the lower the price per minute can be. (The catch is that if traffic falls below the average commitment, cost falls into the next higher rate category.) The big advantage is that organizations no longer have to manage this far-flung network. The carrier will do it. Organizations can now lay off the telecommunications department. (Please note that the staff supporting the PBX in each location is still needed to handle moves, adds and changes. In addition, the staff needed to maintain the dedicated data network is still needed. Even if the organization migrates to a Frame Relay network, some management of the vendor is always required). All the calls to specifically defined locations (offices) in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Seattle are known as on-net calls. These are priced at the reduced rate. Calls to business partners and customers are off-net calls and are charged at a higher rate. If the off-net call volume to these specific locations rises, the organization can still place FX lines into these areas. Again, there is no substitute for knowing the traffic distribution when evaluating any telecommunications plan.
Tuning and Optimizations
NOTE The name of the client device is a string value that can be manually configured on the client host. As the client device name can be set to an arbitrary value by the client, it may not always be appropriate to base-policy filtering decisions on this value. In cases where the client should not be permitted to influence the policy filtering, then it may not be appropriate to make use of the client device name. See CTX107705 for more information.
Next, look closely at this line of code from inside Main( ):
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