Data Modeling y o u do not n e e d to document that a customer can use many meters as the E R D contains this information. You should document decisions in which there is more than one feasible choice. For e x ample, y o u should carefully document alternative designs for rates (a single consumption level versus multiple consumption levels) as depicted in Figure 6.5. You should document your decision by recording the recommender and justification for the alternative. Although all transformations presented in the previous section can lead to feasible choices, y o u should focus o n the transformations most relevant to the specification. You also should document decisions that might be unclear to others even if there are n o feasible alternatives. For example, the m i n i m u m cardinality o f 0 from the Reading entity type to the Bill entity type might be unclear. You should document the need for this cardi nality because o f the time difference between the creation o f a bill and its associated read ings. A meter may be read days before an associated bill is created.
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The following code fragment copies at most 79 characters of str1 into str2, thus ensuring that no array boundary overflow will occur:
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This page intentionally left blank.
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Exporting your CorelDRAW work, depending on the assignment, is an operation often performed after the images or documents you have created are complete. Often these operations come at the end of a project deadline when time is critical. However, rushing through an export is incredibly unwise, because your export should be tailored to the application that will be using the exported file. Choosing the best export options affects your design s appearance, quality, and compatibility with other applications. From the File menu, CorelDRAW X4 offers a general-purpose Export command that is used to export your work to almost all other applications, plus a special Export For Office command for when your work will be used in a Corel WordPerfect Office application or in a Microsoft Office application. First, let s look at the Export command that offers the greatest variety of export formats.
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Given that many of the traffic parameters of CR-LDP can form part of a token bucket specification, we can make sure that an LSP is established to meet criteria that will be policed at the network edge. In other words, the ingress router could implement a token-bucket-based traffic-policing technique for a given stream and could establish an LSP through the network that meets the requirements of the token bucket specification. Provided that the source of traffic complies with the token bucket specification, network resources will support the traffic.
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// Display the array list using array indexing. Console.Write("Contents: "); for(int i=0; i < lst.Count; i++) Index the list. Console.Write(lst[i] + " "); Console.WriteLine("\n"); Console.WriteLine("Removing 2 elements"); // Remove elements from the array list. lst.Remove(-2); Remove elements from the list. lst.Remove(88); Console.WriteLine("Number of elements: " + lst.Count);
5: IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
ber and information about the media to be sent, such as RTP payload type. The message is called Open Logical Channel. If the far endpoint wants to receive the media, then it responds with a positive acknowledgement (Open Logical Channel Ack). Included in the acknowledgement will be an RTP port to which the media stream should be sent. The H.245 messages are carried on the H.245 control channel. Each endpoint or gatekeeper shall establish one H.245 control channel for each call in which it is participating. The H.245 control channel is carried on a special logical channel, channel number 0. This is a special logical channel in that it is not opened and closed like other logical channels. Instead, logical channel 0 is considered permanently open as long as the endpoint is involved in a call.
To examine the devices that the appliance determines are performing scanning attacks or are the recipient of a scanning attack, use the show threat-detection scanningthreat command:
Table 24-5 shows a sample of the satellite technologies that use the various bands and the size of the terminal and dish in satellite technologies. Table 24-5: Summary of bands and types of terminals used System type Fixed satellite service Frequency bands C and Ku Applications Video delivery, VSAT, news Terminal type/size Examples
Data Integrity Recovering from Data Corruption a. b. c. d. e. SSL certificate/machine name mismatch SSL handshake failure User not authorized to access the page Require user/group line is invalid File not found or unable to stat
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What is the difference between primary and secondary infertility
Voice Trunks (CIC Values) Media Gateway
Fig. 7-7
Ethernet Service Attributes
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