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Much like the Emboss mode, the Shadow Color and Intensity in the Light Color field are great assets for shading the Bevel effect. By using similar Shadow and Light colors, you can decrease the visual contrast of the effect. For a very steep, dramatic effect, you use a very deep Shadow Color and a very light Light Color (black shadows and white lights produce the maximum, most visible effect). In this illustration at top, 60 percent black is used for the Shadow Color, and 20 percent black is used for the Light Color, to produce a very subtle yet visible Bevel effect. At bottom is the same object using the same light Direction, Altitude, and offset Distance, but black is used for the Shadow Color and white for the Light Color. Shadow Color You have further control over the bevel Light Color shading by setting the Light Color to white and then decreasing or increasing the Intensity by dragging the slider. In short, you have total tonal control over the bevel and can Shadow Color produce scores of very different looks using Light Color the same object.
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Wrong! alpha and beta are private.
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What SSL Is An SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network) is a VPN that can
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Advanced Software Algorithms
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Firewall Rules Bases
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Since an exception usually indicates a specific error, why would I want to catch a base class exception A catch clause that catches a base class exception allows you to catch an entire category of exceptions, possibly handling them with a single catch and avoiding duplicated code. For example, you might create a set of exceptions that describes some sort of device error. If your exception handlers simply tell the user that a device error occurred, then you could use a common catch for all exceptions of this type. The handler could simply display the Message string. Since the code that accomplishes this is the same for all exceptions, one catch can respond to all device exceptions.
The output from this program is shown here:
FIGURE 15.10. (a). A micromechanical lock with a translating groove cam.
more critical than the need for tools to conduct business using the network. SNMP facilitated the development of network management applications because the protocol:
If a station knows about VLAN tags, but does not know what particular VID its LAN has been assigned by the bridge, then it may transmit a tagged frame as in Figure 13.3b, but with a 0 in the VLAN ID. A 0 VLAN ID means, I don t know ; the bridge assigns the frame to the PVID. This enables a station to indicate a priority in the frame s VLAN tag. The bridge attached to such a station may be configured either to transmit frames VLAN-tagged with the PVID or to transmit untagged frames. Bridges cannot transmit frames with a 0 VID. On a LAN that connects two (or more) bridges, the bridges typically include the VLAN tag, as in Figure 13.3b and 13.3c. This allows frames on as many as 4094 VLANs to be carried on a single LAN. Typically, the only VLAN-aware stations are routers. (To a bridge, a router is a station, just like a PC or a printer is a station.) In an enterprise network, each VLAN typically corresponds to an IP subnetwork, and the router is required to route packets from one subnetwork (VLAN) to another subnetwork (VLAN).
77. Liposomes made from a certain type of phospholipid melt at 310 K.
For example, the following declaration creates a 4 10 3 three-dimensional integer array:
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