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this process far less obvious. To do so, select the entire document in the report pane. A gray box will surround the entire pane and the Document Properties options will appear in the left-hand Properties tab. Click the ellipse next to the document name. 3. This displays the Document Properties pane on the right. 4. Scroll to the section Data Synchronization Options. 5. Check the option Auto-Merge Dimensions to have Web Intelligence merge query results with common dimension names from the same universe. 6. Check the option Extend Merged Dimension Values; this will perform a double outer join or display results from both queries even when only one query contains a particular dimension value.
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Citrix recommends using the Citrix NetScaler Application Switch for load balancing multiple Secure Gateway servers. When using a hardware load balancer, remember the load balancers are not monopolized by Secure Gateway. Rather, they can be used for multiple components and services throughout the organization. When using a hardware load balancer, the user connects to the DNS load-balanced address for the Secure Gateway servers. The load balancer then directs the connection to one of the Secure Gateway servers based on the load-balancing method. If one of the Secure Gateway servers goes down at any point in time, the load balancer automatically bypasses the server. The NetScaler Application Switches are recommended to be deployed in high-availability mode to avoid a single point of failure. This configuration is not required, but it is recommended for maximum availability. When setting up the hardware load balancer, remember to properly configure how the load balancer distributes multiple requests from the same client. It is crucial that you install the same server certificate on all load-balanced Secure Gateway servers. Use this name when configuring client access. When configuring the NetScaler Application Switch for Secure Gateway, create a virtual server along with a service for each of the Secure Gateway servers. For a default Secure Gateway deployment with no SSL acceleration on the NetScaler switch, use the following settings for the services and virtual server: Services Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface server Port: 443 Monitor: tcps Virtual Server Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface virtual server Port: 443 Persistence: SOURCEIP If the HTTPS or HTTPS-ecv monitors are used, disable the virtual server IP address from logging, so each HTTPS ping is not logged as a connection attempt. If they are not excluded, the logs are likely to fill quickly. If a third-party load balancer is being used, consult the load balancer documentation for specific configuration information.
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EXAMPLE 4-3 Consider the circuit shown in Fig. 4-7 and replace it by its Millman equivalent. SOLUTION First we replace the two voltage sources by equivalent current sources. In the rst case consider the 5 V source. The conductance is found by inverting the resistance in series with the 5 V source, that is G1 = 1 3
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Out of band transmission
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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1. Does a base class have access to the members of a derived class Does a derived class have
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Exploring the C# Library
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Because of the way C++ Builder organizes the dynamic allocation system, the size of an allocated block of memory is slightly larger than the amount requested when it is allocated. This function assumes the heap is not corrupted. Always call heapcheck( ) before beginning a walk through the heap. The _rtl_heapwalk( ) function is similar to heapwalk( ) except that it uses the following structure.
if(beta > dist) Console.WriteLine("beta is farther from the origin");
Chassis and Design
On smaller projects such as Webbased games, it may be possible to become a producer if you can demonstrate you had some production experience in college or elsewhere.
Table 2-3 shows the order of precedence for all C# operators, from highest to lowest. This table includes several operators that will be discussed later in this book.
demonstrates it:
If you call this program WA, then executing it in the following manner tells you the number of files that have the .EXE extension, and lists their names:
References 1. Ballard, Glenn, Lean Project Delivery System, White Paper 8, Lean Construction Institute, Berkeley, California, 2000. 2. Fischer, Martin, and John Kunz, The Scope and Role of Information Technology in Construction, Tech. Rep. 156, Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE), Stanford University, California, 2004. 3. Garcia, Ana-Christina, et al., Building a Project Ontology with Extreme Collaboration and Virtual Design and Construction, CIFE Working Paper 152, CIFE, Stanford University, November 2003. 4. Gil, Nino, et al., Contribution of Specialty Contractor Knowledge to Early Design, Proc. of the 8th Annual Congress of the International Group for Lean Construction, July 17 19, 2000, Brighton, UK. 5. Korman, Thomas, Fischer, and C. B. Tatum, Knowledge and Reasoning for MEP Coordination, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, pp. 627 634, November December 2003. 6. Levitt, Ray, and John Kunz, Design Your Project Organizations as Engineers Design Bridges, CIFE Working Paper 73, CIFE, Stanford University, August 2002. 7. Thompson, J. D., Organizations in Action: Social Science Bases of Administrative Theory, Transaction Publishers, January 2003.
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