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Inside a method, execution proceeds from one statement to the next, top to bottom. It is possible to alter this flow through the use of the various program control statements supported by C#. Although we will look closely at control statements later, two are briefly introduced here because we will be using them to write sample programs.
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// Use a copy constructor to construct a parameter. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; class myclass { int *p; public: myclass(int i); // normal constructor myclass(const myclass &ob); // copy constructor ~myclass(); int getval() { return *p; } }; // Copy constructor.
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Arranging and Organizing Objects
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switch(i) { case 1: These cases refer to the same code sequence. case 2: case 3: Console.WriteLine("i is 1, 2 or 3"); break; case 4: Console.WriteLine("i is 4"); break; }
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Figure 12-2. Multimonitor support not properly detected
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; class cl { int h; int i; public: cl(int j, int k) { h=j; i=k; } // constructor int get_i() { return i; } int get_h() { return h; } }; int main()
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LAN Segment-B A Switch-5 0000.0001.A134 10 Switch-2 0001.0001.0001 B 10 F 10 10 LAN Segment-C 40 Switch-3 0001.0000.AC1D H 20 LAN Segment-A D 20 C 10 I Switch-1 0000.0001.1234 J 10 E 20
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This program displays the following output:
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Ordering of Fields Because certain fields can appear both at the session and media levels, the ordering of fields is important to avoid ambiguity. SDP demands that the following order be used.
with the Desktop Intelligence Hierarchy view: first, it does not work particularly well with code/description customizations. I would like it if the final drill-down displayed both the code and the description. Second, when you do this kind of wide customization, it is not easy for Web Intelligence users to see the wide list of values. They can only scroll to the right in a cumbersome way. As with prompts, be careful that the Hierarchical view does not require too many extra clicks. In the preceding example, the country hierarchy alone would have been sufficient, and I would recommend leaving out the region and city columns for a real-world deployment.
With CorelDRAW X4 s new Table Tool tucked into the Toolbox, you no longer have to struggle to neatly and attractively present tabular data in your documents. Creating data sheets or directories, or displaying spreadsheet data no longer hinges on setting up elaborate networks of guidelines, or paragraph text blocks with a generous handful of tab and column settings thrown in. Drag out a table with the new Table Tool, or import a table from your word processor or spreadsheet program, and you re all set to use CorelDRAW s tools to make the data look good.
To be a game designer at any level, you need to have the following qualities and abilities: Imagination Imagination comes in many forms. Visual and auditory imagination is the ability to invent new objects and think about how they look and sound. Dramatic imagination involves creating characters, plots, scenes, and relationships. Conceptual imagination enables you to think about ideas and the relationships between them. Lateral thinking is among the most useful forms of imagination: it s the ability to create unexpected angles and twists on familiar material. Imagination requires exercise to keep it strong and fresh; constant use will keep your imaginative mind vigorous.
Beginning in 2001 the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) began work on defining a common set of specifications for Ethernet services. These service definitions were intended to give service providers a common language and set of performance criteria that would allow them to offer Ethernet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and provide common performance parameters for network-to-network interfaces between carriers. While the Technical committee received proposals and drafted specifications the Marketing committee developed a common framework to discuss these specifications for Ethernet services that could be used by service providers around the globe. As defined by the MEF Marketing committee the key characteristics of an Ethernet service include: (1) Support for multiple standardized services including TDM, (2) Quality of Service (QoS), (3) Reliability, (4)Management including Operations and Administration, (5) Scalability. These were defined because carriers needed these qualities and they were, for the most part, absent from Ethernet equipment as it evolved in the Enterprise market. 100 years of evolution of service provider networks had proven the value of these qualities. However, the use of Ethernet in Enterprise LANs did not need the rigorous performance required of service providers. Many vendors began to label their equipment carrier-class , yet this term had little meaning until the MEF began to define the meaning of Ethernet services. Support for Multiple Standardized Services Including TDM Enterprise Ethernet switches and routers had few requirements to interface with circuits or cross connect circuits. Occasionally, routers had a WAN port to pass packet traffic to a WAN circuit but that was the extent of their support. Ethernet switches and routers are designed for packet traffic. Support for circuits is practically unavailable. However, for large service providers to build cost effective packet-based networks, support for circuits is required and the MEF s statement on multiple standardized services and TDM support indicates this as a requirement of Carrier Ethernet.
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