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The #pragma directive is an implementation-defined directive that allows various instructions, defined by the compiler s creator, to be given to the compiler. The general form of the #pragma directive is #pragma name Here, name is the name of the #pragma you want. If the name is unrecognized by the compiler, then the #pragma directive is simply ignored and no error results.
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FIGURE 12.7. components).
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you would not be able to compile this program because of the access violation. Although access to alpha by code outside of MyClass is not allowed, methods defined within MyClass can freely access it, as the SetAlpha( ) and GetAlpha( ) methods show. The same is true for beta. The key point is this: A private member can be used freely by other members of its class, but it cannot be accessed by code outside its class.
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In the few years immediately preceding the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2001, several startups in the U.S. and in Europe obtained funding to build Metro Ethernet networks to offer business services. While some initially deployed enterprise-class Ethernet switches, others deployed MPLS-enabled Ethernet switches and offered service using Ethernet pseudowires. The service providers that deployed MPLS were generally able to offer better SLAs than those that relied on Layer 2 switching and were also able to make better use of leased facilities since MPLS enables use of all available paths in contrast to spanning tree, which turns links off to break loops, and gives operators the flexibility to traffic engineer their networks, placing specific traffic demands on specific paths. Another benefit of using MPLS to offer Ethernet services, as noted above, is the ease with which services can be offered over the wide area. Many providers of business Ethernet services offer a mix of intra-metro and inter-metro services (in addition to using their Ethernet platforms to provide access to the Internet and to IP-VPN platforms).
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Figure 7-18
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Figure 13-3
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In this example, the destination was three hops away each hop is listed on a separate line. For each destination, three tests are performed, where the round-trip time is displayed for each test. If you don t see a round-trip time, typically indicated by an asterisk ( * ), this indicates a possible problem or timeout in the response. To break out of a ping or traceroute command, use the CTRL-SHIFT-6 break sequence. Also, instead of using the script to perform an extended ping or traceroute, you can execute by specifying all of the parameters on a single command line. Table 17-5 shows other values that you might see instead of the round-trip time. In certain cases, for a specific destination, you might see three asterisks (***) in the output; don t be alarmed if you see this, since it can occur for a variety of reasons: for instance, there may be an inconsistency in how the source and destination devices have implemented traceroute, or the destination may be configured not to reply to these messages. However, if you continually find the same destination repeated in the output with these reply messages, this indicates a layer 3 problem starting with either this device or the device preceding it. code 39 generator open source
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Transcendental Functions
Subpictures and Subtitles
When you save the document to a different location and name, you are making a copy of the file; no link is maintained to the original report file. In the Save As dialog, enter a document title. This will become the name of the file as it appears in the list in InfoView. If you wish, enter a longer description. The description appears when you expand your document properties or display the Encyclopedia. Specify keywords if you wish to provide additional search options for locating documents. Refresh On Open will automatically force a query refresh when you open the document. By checking the box Permanent Regional
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