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TABLE 8.6 Feature Topologies Service types Comparison of Different Solutions for Carrier Ethernet Services Ethernet Switching Mesh EthernetSONET Linear, ring, mesh Ethernet MPLS Mesh EPL/EVPL, ELAN/ EVPLAN Ethernet RPR Dual ring EPL/EVPL, ELAN/ EVPLAN EthernetFiber Point-topoint EPL Ethernet WDM Linear, ring, mesh EPL
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The TDMA and FDMA modulation techniques on the LMDS network allow for the bidirectional flow between the carrier and the end user. In many cases, a different upstream is required than the downstream. The ability to modulate differently allows this to be compensated for. The more important factor is that the service will offer two-way communications. Many of the past services allowed only a one-way downstream with a dial-up upstream. This sounds incomprehensible for high-speed data, but for Internet access this method was used initially on an MMDS service and then on LMDS in the initial rollout. Later evolution of the network architectures allowed the carriers to change direction and satisfy both directions for their data needs. Moreover, for two-way voice the two-way simultaneous transmission is a must. When lower speed users are using the system, TDMA is an effective tool for their twoway voice and data (dial up) needs. For simultaneous up and downstream services, using approximately 250 MHz in each direction, the average number of TDMA users per 5 MHz of spectrum handling use dial-up service at the DS0 rate 80. This means that a sector (or cell) using 5 separate streams of 5 MHz each, can achieve up to 4,000 simultaneous dial-up users. This is a reasonable use of the bandwidth. The overall network design on a wired world uses a 10:1 ratio of trunks to users. Using a slightly lower ratio for a wireless network connection to accommodate for fax and long-hold time traffic (i.e. Internet surfing) of approximately 8:1, the network supplier can achieve a service level of 32,000 possible customers with normal demands in a sector (cell) with 250 MHz of RF spectrum. This is a reasonable amount of traffic capacity based on standard traffic engineering design. Better ratios have been used in some networks, but the issues are coming with long hold times that exceed expectations. Using a conservative ratio of 5:1, the average network supplier can achieve service for 20,000 DS0 level users in a sector. Keep in mind that when higher-speed demands are the requirement, an FDMA arrangement will allow more flexibility. This all depends on the overall demands of the network users.
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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
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Because many CD recorders rely on a SCSI interface, and SCSI is wellsupported on DOS, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms, the recorder itself if an external unit can usually be freely transported from computer to computer. In situations where you would like to get maximum utility from a disc recorder, this easy portability can be a major factor. You do need the necessary driver software and a premastering application resident on the host computer to record, but many manufacturers routinely include both Mac and Windows applications with their SCSI disc recorders.
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Use Cases
Build Your Own Combat Robot
Decimal labels for divisions instead of fractions
Although char is defined by C# as an integer type, it cannot be freely mixed with integers in all cases. This is because there are no automatic type conversions from integer to char. For example, the following fragment is invalid:
his chapter describes namespaces and several other advanced features, including explicit constructors, function pointers, static members, const member functions, an alternative member initialization syntax, the pointer-to-member operators, the asm keyword, linkage specification, and conversion functions.
FIGURE 24-9 Hierarchy Editor
Part III:
Yahoo! and Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) set out in a partnership to research cloud computing. As part of their agreement, CRL will make available to researchers one of the world s top five supercomputers, which has substantially more processors than any supercomputer currently available for cloud computing research. This effort is the first of its kind in terms of the size and scale of the machine, and the first in making available a supercomputer to academic institutions in India. The Yahoo!/ CRL effort is intended to leverage CRL s expertise in high-performance computing and Yahoo! s technical leadership in Apache Hadoop, an open-source distributed computing project of the Apache Software Foundation, to enable scientists to perform data-intensive computing research on a 14,400-processor supercomputer. Called the EKA, CRL s supercomputer is ranked the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world it has 14,400 processors, 28 terabytes of memory, 140 terabytes of disk space, a peak performance of 180 trillion calculations per second (180 teraflops), and sustained
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