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The parties thus advanced two related privacy concerns that eventually reached the Supreme Court s consideration: the nondisclosure of private information or information privacy, and an individual s interest in making important decisions independently or decisional privacy. Holding In his opinion for the Court, Justice John Paul Stevens, joined by the Chief Justice and five other justices, found that neither the immediate nor the threatened impact of the [statute s] patient-identification requirements on either the reputation or the independence of patients is sufficient to constitute an invasion of any right or liberty protected by the [Due Process Clause of the] Fourteenth Amendment. With these words, the Supreme Court rejected the privacy claim. In sum, the nation s highest court ruled that a government s centralized, computerized database containing massive amounts of extremely sensitive medical information about citizens passed constitutional muster. Judicial Reasoning What factors influenced the Supreme Court s reasoning First, the Court seemed impressed by the fact that the New York state legislature had created a specially appointed commission, which held numerous hearings on and conducted a thorough study of the state s drug problem. The commission consulted extensively with authorities in other states that were using central reporting systems effectively. In other words, a commission empowered by the legislature had done its homework in an attempt to help solve the menacing problem of drugs. The Court concluded that the statute was manifestly the product of an orderly and rational legislative decision. In other words, there was a rational basis for the legislative action. Arguably, the New York statute had not had much of an impact on the war on drugs. For example, 20 months after its enactment, examination of the database
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One way to give a variable a value is through an assignment statement, as you have already seen. Another way is by giving it an initial value when it is declared. To do this, follow the variable s name with an equal sign and the value being assigned. The general form of initialization is shown here: type var-name = value; Here, value is the value that is given to var-name when var-name is created. The value must be compatible with the specified type. Here are some examples:
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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Routers have advanced features that allow you to implement quality of
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This approach balances redundancy requirements with performance requirements. For the best resolution performance, Web Interface first tries to contact the zone with which it has the best connectivity. After specifying a few servers in the local zone, servers in other zones and other sites can then be specified. NOTE When using the server location for fault tolerance, round-robin is not a recommended solution if the only address specified is the server list in the round-robin FQDN. This is primarily because the client may get directed to a server that is down.
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The BEE is a software-based delivery platform for the electronic practice exams. The electronic practice exams provide you with a simulation of an actual CCNA exam. You have the option to customize your test-taking environment by selecting the number of questions, the type of questions, and the time allowed in order to assist you in your studies. The BEE also allows you to simulate an actual test-taking environment. You also have the option to take exams by chapter or objective and the option to an exam in study mode, including references and answers. This practice exam has been created specifically for McGraw-Hill and is available only by purchasing this McGraw-Hill book. To access your practice exam, install the BEE and use the Exam Wizard to create a Boson account. Activate the practice exam using the activation code found inside the CD sleeve at the back of the book. An active Internet connection is required for the initial activation and download of the practice exam content. Follow these steps to access the practice exam on the CD: 1. Install the Exam Engine from the CD menu. 2. The first time you run the software, a wizard will help you create the required Boson account. 3. After creating an account and logging in, the Exam Wizard should start and will guide you through the process of activating and downloading the exam. If the wizard does not automatically start, choose the Exam Wizard option or use the Unlock An Exam option, available through Exam Tools.
11: Cisco IOS Software
Part I:
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6: Information Asset Protection
The C# Language
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