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Figure 2-14 Noise spectrum of a typical subsplit reverse
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Wiring Color Codes
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Voice: VoIP Frame or TDM relay Frame relay
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Usually, you will use argc and argv to get initial options or values into your program. In C++, you can have as many command line arguments as the operating system will allow. You normally use these arguments to indicate a filename or an option. Using command line arguments will give your program a professional appearance and will facilitate the program s use in batch files.
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Event Connect Disconnect Reconnect Logoff
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Wireless Issues
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Acceptable Down Time None Hours Days
minutes. The response time issues certainly affected users behavior, as they avoided saving data with a corporate document, sometimes for security reasons but often because of long response times. Thus, full-client documents were more often shared outside the repository on local area networks. BusinessObjects Enterprise XI continues to use a relational repository but uses the file system more extensively. In XI, the relational repository is significantly smaller. The relational database is used more as a method of maintaining pointers and relationships between universes, reports, and users. All of the universe definitions and reports are physically stored on the file system. The best thing about this approach is the performance improvement. For designers, exporting universes is pretty much instantaneous. For users, publishing and accessing corporate documents is as fast as saving them to disk. For administrators, it s important to develop a backup strategy that includes both the relational database and the file system and to ensure those backups happen in a synchronized fashion. If your BusinessObjects 6 deployment contained multiple universe and document domains, these are now represented as separate folders within the XI repository and maintained via one Central Management Server (CMS).
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A patent is a legal mechanism for preventing other people from importing or manufacturing something you have invented. There are two types of patents that concern us, design patents (ornamentation of manufactured objects) and utility patents (inventions that accomplish something useful). A design patent is unlikely to be of any use to you as a video game developer. You can t patent an ornamental design for use on anything at all; it has to be for use on
Amplifier Design
Virtual Private Networks
Concept of operations or statement of need (see next section for scope) Funding sources
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