The planning phase starts with the award of a cellular network operator s license. The network operator will choose a network planning tool that will be used to deterDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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distance vector protocols. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of any routing protocol is useful when it comes to picking a protocol. Typically, OSPF is used in large enterprise networks that have either a mixed routing vendor environment or a policy that requires an open standard for a routing protocol, which gives a company flexibility when it needs to replace any of its existing routers.
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Press your camera s focus mode button. Choose the desired auto-focus mode. Alternatively, you may need to use the camera menu to change focus modes. Refer to your camera manual for detailed instructions. Compose and shoot the picture.
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Although strings are implemented as objects in C#, it is possible to access the characters in a string through a pointer. To do so, you will assign a pointer to the start of the string to a char* pointer using a fixed statement like this: xed(char* p = str) { // ... After the fixed statement executes, p will point to the start of the array of characters that make up the string. This array is null-terminated, which means that it ends with a zero. You can use this fact to test for the end of the array. Null-terminated character arrays are the way that strings are implemented in C/C++. Thus, obtaining a char* pointer to a string allows you to operate on strings in much the same way as does C/C++. Here is a program that demonstrates accessing a string through a char* pointer: qr code scanner
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resume a suspended telnet connection. Use the show sessions command to see your suspended telnet sessions. Use the disconnect command to disconnect a suspended telnet session.
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The following list of tips will help you in balancing the bit budget j Don t forget top menu videos and video based menu transitions, as well as logo sequences. j Don t forget to leave room for any added computer-based content or for managed copy files. A few programs or some HTML files are not worth worrying about, but large multimedia applications and installer packages need to be accounted for. j Each camera angle increases the data; two camera angles double it, three angles triple it, and so on (including the corresponding audio and subtitles). Reduce the maximum data rate according to the number of angles (see Table 6.11). j If you have two or more video segments that contain much of the same data, consider using the seamless branching feature to combine the duplicated segments (but only if you have an authoring tool that supports the multistory feature). j Still images take up so little space that you don t need to include them in your calculations unless you have dozens of them. Unless you are including more than four subtitle streams, you may wish to omit subtitles from the calculations, since the space they take up is negligible.
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In this example, web traffic sent to port 80 to the IP address on the outside interface of the appliance will be redirected to on port 80 of the inside interface.
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The easiest way to construct a string is to use a string literal. For example, here str is a string reference variable that is assigned a reference to a string literal:
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Consider whether to use a P.S. in your letters and whether to add attachments to a proposal or report. A P.S. provides one last opportunity to make your primary message clear. Attachments esh out documents and allow readers to nd speci c information that may be of great interest to them but which may be of limited interest to most people. A P.S. Gets Read A P.S. is most effective when it reiterates what action you want your readers to take, and what they ll get if they do what you ask. For example, Amanda, an accounts receivable manager in a bank, used a P.S. in her collection letters. I d often say something like, Thanks for seeing that account #1234 is brought up-to-date, or call me directly at ext. 321 to avoid further action being taken. It s not overly aggressive, but the implication is clear. Pay me or call me, or else. One advantage of using a P.S. is that there s a good chance it will be read. People who scan letters are more likely to read your P.S. than the body of your letter. If you decide to add a P.S., summarize your best bene t and remind readers of the action to take. Attachments Signal Substance Attachments add length. Adding length helps the document seem more complete or signi cant. Even if no one refers to the attachments or reads them, it might make sense to include them because of the perception of substance they convey. Components to add to a proposal or report might include: a copy of your organization s warranty or guarantee your company s mission statement the executive team or principals r sum s or CVs the data or statistics on which your recommendations are based several testimonials, references, or endorsements a resource list bibliography and endnotes
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Countless hours of work can be saved using CorelDRAW s Backup feature. When it comes to saving and backing up your document files, CorelDRAW X4 lets you take full control over how, where, and when backup files are created. Backup files let you retrieve recent changes made to documents should something unfortunate (such as a power failure) occur while you re working. Backup files created automatically are named AUTOBACKUP_OF_ FILENAME.CDR, where FILENAME is the name of your original CorelDRAW document. By default they are stored in Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Temp. You can specify another location if you prefer. If CorelDRAW closes unexpectedly, the next time you open CorelDRAW, the File Recovery dialog prompts you to open the Auto-Backup file that it found. Click OK to open the file. If you click Cancel and do not open the file, the Auto-Backup file will be deleted when you exit CorelDRAW. So open and save the file when you can you won t be prompted to do so again. At your command, backup files can be created every time you save a file. The naming convention for these files is in the form of Backup_of_filename.cdr, and these backup files are stored in the same folder location as the file you saved. You can open backup files the same way as with any CorelDRAW X4 document file, by using the File | Open command (CTRL+O). To access CorelDRAW X4 s backup controls, use the Workspace | Save page of the Options dialog (shown in Figure 3-4). Choose Tools | Options | Workspace | Save.
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figure loaded into the Strategy Map Editor. Note that it s possible to modify the strategy map here. New shapes can be added, existing shapes removed, and so forth. Note also that the Strategy Map Editor looks almost identical to full-blown Visio, including the ability to open various stencils in order to access different shapes. Once the strategy map is laid out as desired, the most important part of the dialog is the Connect Shape button. First, the developer clicks on one of the shapes on the diagram and then clicks the Connect Shape button. This opens a dialog box that lists the KPIs on the scorecard that was chosen when the strategy map report was being created. In this example, the rectangle inside the Objectives section of the strategy map will be mapped to the KPI named Overall Gross Profit Margin, which is actually an objective in the scorecard. After selecting the KPI, it is possible to tie it to either the actual KPI or its target. (In most cases the developer will choose target.) Recall from the section on Objectives in a Scorecard that the objective doesn t have an actual it just has a target that is an indicator of its health. Likewise, the interest here is in the overall health of the metric, which is displayed by the target. Also, by
Value Syntax [ <border-width> || <border-style> || <color> ] | inherit Initial Value
BufferedStream FileStream MemoryStream UnmanagedMemoryStream
Jennifer surrounds herself with people who feed her soul and create positive
Type 2 Medium span 50 to 500 feet Type 3 Long span > 500 feet 9. Structural system The design of a bridge is related to the structural system. Beam, truss, and arch con gurations may be used for medium span lengths: Type 1 Slab Type 2 Through Type 3 Slab-beam Type 4 Truss Type 5 Arch Type 6 Cable stayed Type 7 Segmental Type 8 Suspension
It follows that the force exerted on this thin portion of the wall is about Pj = hj w(hj )
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
// Pass a derived class reference to a base class reference. using System; class TwoDShape { double pri_width; double pri_height; // Default constructor. public TwoDShape() { Width = Height = 0.0; } // Constructor for TwoDShape. public TwoDShape(double w, double h) { Width = w; Height = h; } // Construct object with equal width and height. public TwoDShape(double x) { Width = Height = x; }
Audit Methodology
Part I:
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