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The formula demonstrates another aspect of resonant circuits: the higher the L and C values, the lower the resonant frequency will be, while the lower the L and C values, the higher the resonant frequency. The series bandpass filter will also function as any other series LC circuit would when the input frequency is either above or below this exact point of resonance. Since the reactances will now no longer cancel the other, they will create a higher impedance and decrease the current flow. A parallel, or resonant, tank circuit will have an impedance that is at a maximum, and current that is at a minimum, at some specific frequency. The impedance of the tank will then decrease while the current increases when an input frequency is inserted that is just above or just below this resonance. This is the exact opposite effect of that found in the series resonant circuit above. However, this resonance point also occurs when XL XC , and is also calculated by: fr 1 2 LC
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for(num = 2; num < 20; num++) { isprime = true; factor = 0; // See if num is evenly divisible. for(i=2; i <= num/2; i++) { if((num % i) == 0) {
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Properties of Limits
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Mary Margaret s Interviewing Tips, Who Will Interview You , What about Tests , 196 194
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After compact discs (CDs) appeared in 1982, digital audio became a commodity. It took many years before the same transformation began to work its magic on video. The step up from digital audio to digital video is a doozy, for in any segment of standard definition television there is about 250 times as much information as in the same-length segment of CD audio. The trick is to reduce the amount of information without significantly reducing the quality of the picture. As we have seen, the solution is digital compression. In a sense, you employ compression in daily conversations. Picture yourself talking on the phone to a friend. You are describing the antics of a particularly striking bird outside your window. You might begin by depicting the scene and then mentioning the size, shape, and color of the bird. But when you begin to describe the bird s actions, you naturally don t repeat your description of the background scene or the bird. You take it for granted that your friend remembers this information, so you only describe the action the part that changes. If you had to continually refresh your friend s memory of every detail, you would have very high phone bills. The problem with TV is that it has no memory the picture has to be continually refreshed. It s as if the TV were saying, There s a patch of grass and a small tree with a 4-inch green and black bird with a yellow beak sitting on a branch. Now there s a patch of grass and a small tree with a 4-inch green and black bird with a yellow beak hanging upside down on a branch. Now there s a patch of grass and a small tree with a 4-inch green and black bird with a yellow beak hanging upside down on a branch trying to eat some fruit, and so on, only in much more detail, redescribing the scene 30 times a second. In addition, a TV individually describes each piece of the picture even when they are all the same. It would be as if you had to say, The bird has a black breast and a green head and a green back and green wing feathers and green tail feathers and... (again, in much more meticulous detail) rather than simply saying, The bird has a black breast, and the rest is green. This kind of conversational compression is second nature to us, but for computers to do the same thing requires complex algorithms. Coding only the changes in a scene is called conditional replenishment. The simplest form of digital video compression takes advantage of spatial redundancy areas of a single picture that are the same. Computer pictures are comprised of a grid of dots, each one a specified color, but many of them are the same color. Therefore, rather than stor-
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Figure 27.3 A high-end protocol test set.
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A Better Universe
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While neither signature recognition nor keystroke dynamics by themselves are ultimate identifiers for individuals, they both are reasonably mature technologies that offer distinct benefits to certain applications. The variation between different instances of the same signature (or keystroke sequence) is too large for either technique alone to be useful for strong authentication. However, signature biometrics are likely to play an increasingly important role as more documents of record and business processes migrate to electronic media. Keystroke dynamics are the only biometric designed to work directly with (and on) conventional passwords. Marketing claims continue to repeat the assertion that biometrics are better than passwords and should replace them (you forget passwords but not your biometrics); however, the reality is that there are still unknowns and risks with most biometrics. The integration effort and lack of common administration tools remain as significant obstacles for large deployments (even if passwords are maintained). Thus keystroke dynamics are a natural biometric to consider if the goal is simply to augment password-based authentication.
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1. Thinking Critically How can you identify the product as being different from the
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Figure 12.21 Column detailing.
a customer order, the shipment is not scheduled until a price has been agreed upon and inventory is available. Modules share information with one another. The same customer information used to process the order is used to invoice the customer. When a customer places the order and the product is shipped, this information is integrated with the accounts receivable module to generate an invoice. With the proprietary transaction systems shown in Figure 1-1, data was double-entered, and customer IDs were specific to each system. With an integrated ERP system, an accountant no longer re-keys the information into a separate system; all reference data is shared across the multiple modules. (See Figure 1-3.) If the productivity and business process reengineering savings were not enough to incite a company to replace their legacy systems with an ERP, then the threats of year 2000 issues were. Initially, ERP vendors promised they would provide insight into a company s business. It was a false promise. ERP systems provide the infrastructure that makes the insight possible,
Written August 2003. This is a detailed procedure for assessing an organization s antivirus and anti-malware business and technical controls. Also included is a procedure for end users to follow if they suspect a malware infection on their workstation.
Nondestructive Cropping
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Again, we ve developed our own standard for wiring two-wire sensors. To avoid confusion with the red and black wires (which are typically used to connect to power sources and grounding), we re using the white and green wires to connect all the door and window sensors. Even though we re fishing security cabling through the walls and floor, it is inevitable that there are some places where cabling will have to be seen. However, this can be ameliorated by strategically locating your sensors. For example, on the front door of our Smart Home, we were able to conceal the sensor, wire, and magnet.
derivative of y = 4x3 + 3 x 2 - 2 x - 3 .
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