There are several format specifiers defined for numeric data. They are shown in Table 22-4. Each format specifier can include an optional precision specifier. For example, to specify that a value be represented as a fixed-point value with two decimal places, use F2. As explained, the precise effect of certain format specifiers depends upon the cultural settings. For example, the currency specifier, C, automatically displays a value in the monetary format of the selected culture. For most users, the default cultural information matches their locale and language. Thus, the same format specifier can be used without concern about the cultural context in which the program is executed. Here is a program that demonstrates several of the numeric format specifiers:
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return p; } // delete overloaded for loc arrays. void loc::operator delete[](void *p) { cout << "Freeing array using overloaded delete[]\n"; free(p); } int main() { loc *p1, *p2; int i; try { p1 = new loc (10, 20); // allocate an object } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation error for p1.\n"; return 1; } try { p2 = new loc [10]; // allocate an array } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation error for p2.\n"; return 1; } p1->show(); for(i=0; i<10; i++) p2[i].show(); delete p1; // free an object delete [] p2; // free an array return 0; }
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This statement will cause a compilation error because there is no set accessor defined for the indexer.
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Sample 9
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To explain a problem to a salesperson or a tailor, you would say:
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number line.
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FIGURE 14.42. Cam-modulated mechanism epicyclic gears and moving cam, type 2.
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9 and 13
Lines - PAL
Forming a Digital Video Signal
1. What is meant by the term mole 2. What do you need to know to calculate the
1. Obtain the name, title, tenure, and full contact information for each person interviewed. 2. Ask the interviewee to summarize his or her professional experience and training, and current responsibilities in the organization. 3. Ask the interviewee whether he or she is familiar with the organization s business continuity and disaster recovery programs. 4. Determine whether the interviewee is among the key response personnel expected to respond during a disaster. 5. Ask the interviewee if he or she has been issued a copy of any response or recovery procedures. If so, ask to see those procedures; determine whether they are current versions. Ask if the interviewee has additional sets of procedures in any other locations (residence, for example). 6. Ask the interviewee if he or she has received any training. Request evidence of this training (certificate, calendar entry, and so on). 7. Ask the interviewee if he or she has participated in any tests or evaluations of recovery and response procedures. Ask the interviewee whether he or she felt the tests were effective, whether management takes the tests seriously, and whether any deficiencies in tests resulted in any improvements to test procedures or other documents.
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