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Remember the numbers you can use for IP ACLs. Standard ACLs can use numbers ranging from 1 99 and
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The strtod( ) function converts the string representation of a number stored in the string pointed to by start into a double and returns the result. Its prototype is in <stdlib.h>.
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Milky-Red Areas
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Simultaneous Installations
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Specialty Contractor The specialty contractors are responsible for modeling their portion of work using 3D tools. On the Camino MOB project that used the VDC tools for MEP coordination, the HVAC contractor took a lead role in the coordination process. The HVAC equipment, including VAV boxes, fire smoke dampers, duct shafts, and lowand medium-pressure ducts, takes up the most space in the above-ceiling space, and the detailers of other trades (plumbing, electrical, and fire sprinklers) would much rather know in advance how the HVAC equipment and duct shafts andmain ducts are routed since that has the greatest impact on how they will route their utilities. The HVAC contractor, therefore, should model at least the main medium-pressure and low-pressure duct lines and shafts so that other trades can coordinate and route their utilities around these duct lines. The specialty contractors are also involved early in the process so they can provide input into the constructability and operations issues to the design team. Some contracting methods that allow for early involvement of specialty contractors include the design-assist and design-build contracting methods. In both methods, the specialty contractors are brought in early (somewhere between the conceptual and schematic design phases). In the designbuild method, the specialty contractor is also the engineer of record for the MEP systems; in the design-assist method, this responsibility may rest with an independent or third-party engineering and design firm. Both models work well for the coordination process. Use of 3D MEP/FP Models for Prefabrication Efforts On the Camino MOB project, tremendous benefits of prefabrication have been attributed directly to the use of VDC in the MEP/FP coordination process. The HVAC contractor alone saved 33 percent of field labor hours by creating parametric and fully coordinated 3D models and then prefabricating the medium-pressure duct and low-pressure ducts. Fully coordinated and clash-free, parametric 3D models of MEP/FP systems are a prerequisite for extensive prefabrication. The GC and subcontractors should set up an explicit target for prefabricating assemblies off-site at the beginning of the project. This provides a goal to track to and also motivates the entire team to use the VDC tools to create clash-free models of MEP/FP systems. The fabrication shops can then use these models for prefabrication, knowing with greater certainty that the assemblies they are putting together will fit in the field. What to Model One of the questions that most teams have when starting the 3D modeling effort is, What should we model in 3D This question should be answered by the whole team involved in the 3D coordination effort. The goals set out by the team for the coordination effort will play a big role in determining what to model. On most projects ME/FP coordination can be divided into two distinct efforts:
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Using Only Terminals to Establish Connections
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Pointer Expressions
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Electric Vehicles Built from Kits
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
your own code may need to handle other possible exceptions or handle each type of I/O exception individually. As mentioned, the FileStream constructor just described opens a file that has read/ write access. If you want to restrict access to just reading or just writing, use this constructor instead: FileStream(string lename, FileMode mode, FileAccess how) As before, filename specifies the name of the file to open, and mode specifies how the file will be opened. The value passed in how determines how the file can be accessed. It must be one of the values defined by the FileAccess enumeration, which are shown here:
1. The stripper holes should line up perfectly (try stripping a few wires before purchasing). 2. The tool should match the brand of terminals you will be crimping. Ideally you should be able to get both the crimp tool and connectors from the same manufacturer.
Part I:
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