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OSPF Overview
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Fig. 6.8
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Therefore, the sequence obtained by the query consists of Temp objects. Although the preceding example is fairly straightforward, join supports substantially more sophisticated operations. For example, you can use into with join to create a group join, which creates a result that consists of an element from the first sequence and a group of all matching elements from the second sequence. (You ll see an example of this a bit later in this chapter.) In general, the time and effort needed to fully master join is well worth the investment because it gives you the ability to reorganize data at runtime. This is a powerful capability. This capability is made even more powerful by the use of anonymous types, described in the next section.
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Oregon Electric Vehicle Association
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Modi ed Trapezoidal Factors
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DISPOSITION data matrix code
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= value;
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Cisco ASA Configuration
Ill 2-1
return string.Compare(,, StringComparison.Ordinal); } } class Inventory { public string name; double cost; int onhand; public Inventory(string n, double c, int h) { name = n; cost = c; onhand = h; } public override string ToString() { return String.Format("{0,-10}Cost: {1,6:C} name, cost, onhand); } } class GenericIComparerDemo { static void Main() { CompInv<Inventory> comp = new CompInv<Inventory>(); List<Inventory> inv = new List<Inventory>(); // Add elements to the list. inv.Add(new Inventory("Pliers", 5.95, 3)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Wrenches", 8.29, 2)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Hammers", 3.50, 4)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Drills", 19.88, 8)); Console.WriteLine("Inventory list before sorting:"); foreach(Inventory i in inv) { Console.WriteLine(" " + i); } Console.WriteLine(); // Sort the list using an IComparer. inv.Sort(comp); Console.WriteLine("Inventory list after sorting:"); foreach(Inventory i in inv) { Console.WriteLine(" " + i); } } }
Distributed Network Monitoring 682 Network Test Instrumentation
Small-load panel Stb out Port out Stereo Spare
TABLE 8.5 Hash Function Calculations for StdSSN Values
Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)
A nonhealing area in an adult that bleeds spontaneously is a basal cell carcinoma until proven otherwise
cout << ob.getval() << '\n'; } int main() { myclass a(10); display(a); return 0; }
Method void Write(int value) void Write(double value) void Write(bool value) void WriteLine(string value) void WriteLine(uint value) void WriteLine(char value) Description Writes an int. Writes a double. Writes a bool. Writes a string followed by a newline. Writes a uint followed by a newline. Writes a char followed by a newline.
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