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such segments. If we keep the left-most unwound segment at the left end of the molecule, the other segment (of 150 unwound base pairs) can be shifted one base pair at a time along the molecule. For this 150-base-pair segment, the situation is identical to the case illustrated in Fig. 10-14. There are 701 ways to arrange this 150base-pair segment. Four of these 701 ways are shown as a, b, c, and d in Fig 10-15. Now consider moving the left-most unwound segment just one base pair to the right. This gives us a single helical base pair at the left end of the molecule (see drawings e and f in Fig. 10-15). For this arrangement of the left-most segment, there are now 700 ways to arrange the other unwound segment. If we then move the left-most segment again by one base pair, there are now only 699 ways to arrange the other (the right-most) unwound segment. We can continue this logic to find that the total number of ways to arrange two 150-base-pair unwound segments along a 1000-base-pair molecule is 701 1 700 1 699 1 . . . 1 1, or 246,051. This is an amazing result! By simply dividing the 300-base-pair segment into two, we ve increased the number of ways to arrange the unwound base pairs from 701 to 246,051. That s a factor of over 350 times! This tells us that based only on the number of ways to arrange melted base pairs, it is 350 times more likely that the 300 based pairs will melt in two segments of 150 base pairs each than it is that they will melt as a single segment of 300 base pairs. Now consider three segments of 100 base pairs each. If we keep the leftmost 100-base-pair segment fixed at the left end of the molecule, the logic for the next two segments (the middle and the right-most segment) is the same as
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This lesion was found on the foot of a 43-year-old woman. 1. This is the benign parallel furrow pattern, double-line variant. 2. Irregular dots and globules, irregular thickened lines, and wide ridges are a red flag for concern. 3. There are variations of the parallel furrow pattern, which can contain a single line of pigment in the furrows or two parallel lines on each side of the furrows with or without dots and globules. 4. The parallel furrow pattern could be made up completely of a linear arrangement of dots and globules. 5. The parallel furrow pattern always contains a single row of pigmentation in the furrows.
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Multi-service platform reduces cost to provide service Router port extension: Virtual port at remote site Bundled services over bonded T1: Ethernet, FR, ATM, VoIP Circuit bonding helps scale service Figure 10.20
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Production Essentials
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WebRequest.Create(""); // Next, send that request and return the response. HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse) req.GetResponse(); // From the response, obtain an input stream. Stream istrm = resp.GetResponseStream(); /* Now, read and display the html present at the specified URI. So you can see what is being displayed, the data is shown 400 characters at a time. After each 400 characters are displayed, you must press ENTER to get the next 400. */ for(int i=1; ; i++) { ch = istrm.ReadByte(); if(ch == -1) break; Console.Write((char) ch); if((i%400)==0) { Console.Write("\nPress Enter."); Console.ReadLine(); } } // Close the response. This also closes istrm. resp.Close(); } catch(WebException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Network Error: " + exc.Message + "\nStatus code: " + exc.Status); } catch(ProtocolViolationException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Protocol Error: " + exc.Message); } catch(UriFormatException exc) { Console.WriteLine("URI Format Error: " + exc.Message); } catch(NotSupportedException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Unknown Protocol: " + exc.Message); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("I/O Error: " + exc.Message); } catch(System.Security.SecurityException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Security Exception: " + exc.Message); } catch(InvalidOperationException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Invalid Operation: " + exc.Message); } } }
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Part I:
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The host_IP is the proxy server; you can optionally change the port number the proxy server is listening on. Here s a simple example of configuring an external proxy:
Figure 29-1: The OSI model as the reference X.25 is a Connection Oriented Network Protocol or service (CONS). The IP provides, by contrast, a Connection-Less Network Service (CLNS). This is the major difference, and as we shall see, it pervades the networking decisions made and the choices made for the functionality of the transport layer. The details of how the packets are handled within the packet switches are very similar in terms of how the queues are handled. A connection is established by X.25 for the end user across the network. Although we said that transport is responsible for end-to-end connections, network layer can also choose to provide this capability. If our network layer is going to do this, then the transport layer need not be complex at all. You will note in the following discussion that the reference is to telephone terminology. The reasons for this are now clear.
As explained, where is used to filter the data returned by a query. The preceding examples have shown only its simplest form, in which a single condition is used. A key point to understand is that you can use where to filter data based on more than one condition. One way to do this is through the use of multiple where clauses. For example, consider the following program that displays only those values in the array that are both positive and less than 10:
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