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To log in as a guest, leave the user name and password boxes blank. If you need to change your password at some other point, choose Preferences from the Header panel (shown in Table 17-1), and then select the Password tab.
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In the preceding, example I enabled LBF and stateful failover, changed the hello interval, and created the two failover groups. Here s the failover status of the primary:
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Figure 12.18 Collapse of abutment and approach at Balakot bridge on national Route 15 in Hazara, Pakistan, 7.6 magnitude earthquake.
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27.2.1 Real-time analysis vs. post-processing
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Introducing Data Types and Operators
When working with delegates, you will often find that the method referred to by a delegate is used only for that purpose. In other words, the only reason for the method is so that it can be invoked via a delegate. The method is never called on its own. In such a case, you can avoid the need to create a separate method by the use of an anonymous method. An anonymous method is, essentially, a block of code that is passed to a delegate constructor. One advantage to using an anonymous method is simplicity. There is no need to declare a separate method whose only purpose is to be passed to a delegate. Before continuing, an important point needs to be made. C# 3.0 adds a new feature, the lambda expression, that (in many cases) improves on the concept of the anonymous method. A discussion of lambda expressions is found in 14. Although lambda expressions are often a better option, they are not applicable to all situations. Also, anonymous methods are widely used in existing C# code. Therefore, it is still important that you understand how they work and see them in action. Here is a simple example that uses an anonymous method:
tion command. Here s an example:
Drop-in Commission Rate
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given the chance (and you should take it) to give your drawing a more meaningful name when you save the document by choosing File | Save or pressing CTRL+S. You can also open more than one document window showing the same document, enabling you to work on one document in multiple windows. This is a particularly useful feature when you need to zoom in close to work on a small area of a graphic, but you also need to be able to see how your work on that area affects the whole composition. Both windows are live, so that you can edit in either of them and all the changes you make editing in one window will also appear in both windows because these windows represent different views of the same document not two independent files that can be saved as different versions. To open another view of the active drawing window, choose Window | New Window. To make one of the open views the active window, you can click on that window or you can also use the menu, Window | document name:N (where N is the automatically applied view number) Open as many windows as you need this feature is limited only by your available system resources.
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