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(c) Kleihauer-Betke serum stain (d) Indirect Coombs test (139) A woman with gestational diabetes class A1 and poor glycemic control requests a repeat cesarean delivery. Fetal lung maturity (FLM) at 37 weeks shows a lecithin/ sphingomyelin ratio of 2.2/ and phosphatdylglycerol negative. Following delivery, the infant develops respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). What about the patient s history would suggest that the infant was at risk for RDS (a) Two or more types of fetal lung maturity tests should be used when determining the risk of RDS (b) Elective cesarean delivery should only take place after 39 weeks (c) The amniocentesis was likely contaminated with blood, resulting in a false L/S ratio (d) Surfactant function and production is adversely affected by increased fetal insulin and maternal diabetes (140) A 36-year-old female presents with a single, firm, well-delineated, round, nontender nodule in her left upper breast. When her gynecologist palpates, it is very mobile with respect to its surrounding tissue. What is the most likely diagnosis of this mass (a) Ductal carcinoma in situ (b) Papillary cystadenocarcinoma (c) Breast cyst (d) Adenocarcinoma Answer: d Answer: d
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Using our preceding discussion of frequency and wavelength, let s look once more at the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, which is more generally referred to as the frequency spectrum. By doing this we can better comprehend the relationship between light and other types of electromagnetic waves, such as audible conversations, AM and FM (amplitude and frequency modulation) radio, different types of television broadcasts, and microwave and infrared communications. Figure 2.3 illustrates, among other things, the locations of popular types of communication in the known frequency spectrum. The left
Depending on the number of compoundings, in general the amount would be A = P(l +r)" where r is the rate for the compounding interval and n is the number of intervals. Interest is usually stated on a yearly basis with specified compounding. The phrase "6% compounded quarterly" means that the 6% is divided by 4 for the rate per interval (quarter) and there are 4 intervals per year. In mathematical symbolism
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