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It is easy to see how jagged arrays got their name! Once a jagged array has been created, an element is accessed by specifying each index within its own set of brackets. For example, to assign the value 10 to element 2, 1 of jagged, you would use this statement:
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Figure 6.18 Half-sections joined as T sections.
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Part I: Background Provides the background and rationale for Carrier Ethernet; also illustrates the market opportunity for Carrier Ethernet. Part II: Solutions Covers the specific solutions employed for providing Carrier Ethernet using a standardized template. Part III: A Look into the Future Summarizes the available solutions relative to each other and attempts to briefly explore the evolution of Carrier Ethernet delivery solutions.
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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CATV networks were originally designed to deliver analog broadcast TV services to subscriber TV sets, thus adopting a standard tree-and-branch topology and allocating most of the transmission channel bandwidth for downstream analog channels. Typically, CATV networks are built as hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) structures with fiber spanning between a video head-end or a hub to a curb optical node, with the final drop section deployed using standard coaxial cable technology and repeaters (amplifiers) and tap couplers to split the signal among many subscribers. Faced with the growing competition from telecom operators in providing Internet services, cable television companies responded by integrating data services over their HFC cable networks, which, in turn, required replacing single direction (downstream) signal amplifiers with bidirectional amplifiers, in order to enable the upstream data path. An updated medium access protocol was also required to allow access of multiple subscribers to the same shared transmission channel, while avoiding collisions between individual data transmissions. However, since most of the usable transmission spectrum is tieddown with TV signal delivery, both downstream and upstream channels in such systems are very limited in bandwidth, thus providing decent access rates for only a limited number of subscribers. It is interesting to note that, while the highly asymmetric nature of the traffic is observed in DSL and CATV systems, new and emerging applications tend to drive the bandwidth ratio toward unity. Applications such as video conferencing or data storage using storage area networks (SANs) require a symmetric transmission channel. File-sharing applications, as well as peer-to-peer traffic such as eDonkey, Kazaa, and Napster (to name just a few of them), increase traffic symmetry since each connected user simultaneously operates as network client and server, thus receiving and transmitting on average the same amount of data. It was recently reported that the current ratio of downstream to upstream traffic is approximately 1.4 to 1 [4]. The recent advent of IPVideo services and video file hosting services i.e. YouTube seems to skew this ratio again towards strong asymmetry (YouTube video sessions account for 20% of overall HTTP transactions and 10% of the overall traffic observed on the networks) [5]. As a result of streaming audio and video in Web downloads, HTTP traffic constitutes approximately 46% of all data transmitted over Internet, while the ratio itself has a strong positive increase factor. For comparison, symmetric P2P traffic constitutes in total roughly 37% of data being transmitted. For some time, it has been expected that the traffic ratio would reach the full symmetry condition (1 to 1), with downstream and upstream data flows more or less balanced. The recent evolution of VoD applications, however, seems to bring the ratio into asymmetry again, with the downstream flow strongly dominating the upstream traffic (see: http:// Data traffic is increasing at an unprecedented rate, with a sustainable traffic growth rate of over 100 percent per year observed since 1990 (already quoted: pdf,, or public/sep06/steenman_01_0906.pdf). There were periods when a combination of economic and technological factors resulted in even greater growth rates, e.g., a 1000 percent increase per year in 1995 and 1996 [6]. This trend is likely to continue in the future, especially with the deployment of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony and with the increasing
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Ask for advice, but never take it. Have you walking on eggshells so as not to set them off on another drama. Can embarrass you because of their impatience and rudeness. Can be husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, best friends,
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Because strcat( ) is declared as returning a character pointer in its header, the compiler can now flag as a possible error the assignment of that pointer to the integer p. Remember: although the inclusion of many headers is technically optional (yet advisable) in C, they must be included in all C++ programs. In the remaining chapters of Part Two, the description of each function will specify its header. C++ Builder supplies a large number of headers. The headers for C++ Builder are located in its Include directory. In a standard installation, this will be Borland\CBuilder5\Include. Fortunately, most of the time your program will only need to include a few of the headers. Several of the more commonly used headers supplied with C++ Builder are shown in Table 10-1. Those headers defined by the ANSI/ISO Standard C/C++ are so indicated.
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Next we consider the high-frequency behavior. To do this, recall that for a complex number z, the modulus is |z|2 = z z In our case, we have z =1+ j And so we get |z|2 = 1 + j 20 1 j =1+ j j + j 20 20 20 20 2 =1+ 400 j 20 , z =1 j 20 20
A few of the basics of text entry and editing have been discussed to get you up and running. However, as your needs arise for more complex character formatting and fancy text layout, you ll want to become more familiar with the nitty-gritty of everyday typography and publishing. The good news is that CorelDRAW s text handling features are very similar to those of your favorite word processor or desktop publishing program. Just select the Text Tool (F8) and let s begin the exploration.
you re exporting. In Figure 15-7 you can see the A is selected. Click OK, and you have one character in a new font saved.
EXAMPLE 6-8 Two inductors are brought into proximity as shown in Fig. 6-11, with L 1 = 0.5 H and L 2 = 0.7 H. If a current owing through inductor 2 is i 2 (t) = 20 sin 100t, and the induced voltage across inductor 1 is v 1 (t) = 700 cos 100t, what is the mutual inductance Assume that initially no current is owing through inductor 1. SOLUTION Using (6.21) with i 1 (t) = 0 we have v 1 (t) = M di 2 , dt 700 cos 100t = 0.35 M= 2000 cos 100t
NBIS in-depth substructure inspections of the substructure elements need to be peformed. The purpose of the inspections is to identify levels and areas of deterioration of all structural and non-structural substructure elements in order to develop repair recommendations and details. This effort also includes correlating probing measurements taken near the pier edges with the previous substructure inspections. The FHWA has adopted three diving inspection intensity levels as follows: Level I: Visual, tactile inspection (100 percent swim-by at arm s length).
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