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Part I:
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y Displacement (in) Distance of Center of Radially Translating Roller Follower from Center of Cam
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Functions, Part Two: References, Overloading, and Default Arguments
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Change Control
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Resources and References
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once the tunnel comes up (device and XAUTH authentication have occurred), each device behind the hardware remote that wants to send traffic across the tunnel must first authenticate. User authentication is enabled on the Easy VPN server and passed down to the hardware remote during the Phase 1 Mode Config step. To enable user authentication on the Easy VPN server, you configure the user-authentication enable command in the group policy associated with the hardware remote (see 17). The default idle timeout for a user is 30 minutes, after which the user will have to re-authenticate to use the tunnel again. This timeout can be changed on the Easy VPN server with the userauthentication-idle-timeout command in the related group policy (see 17). As with SUA, users must use a web browser to authenticate; again, I recommend putting their web browser in the Windows Startup folder with a default home page of a web server behind the Easy VPN server. This way they will see the login page when they boot up their computer and log in, and can immediately start using the tunnel to access corporate resources. Once authenticated, the hardware remote keeps track of authenticated devices based on their IP/MAC address pairs, so if a device changes its IP or MAC address, it will have to re-authenticate to use the tunnel. One problem with user authentication is that a web browser is required to perform the authentication; certain devices, like wireless devices performing LEAP, IP phones, and network printers, don t have a web browser, can t authenticate, and thus can t use the tunnel. As I mentioned in 17, you can exempt Cisco IP phones and wireless devices performing LEAP authentication by using the ip-phone-bypass enable and leap-bypass enable commands, respectively, in the hardware remote group policy.
Set Commands
Secure Gateway FIREWALL Port 443 Logon Agent
group addr by addr.Substring(addr.LastIndexOf(".", addr.Length)) into ws where ws.Count() > 2 select ws;
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What imaging studies are warranted
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