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The CREATE TABLE statements in this chapter conform to the standard SQL syntax. There are slight syntax differences for most commercial DBMSs.
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The C# Language
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Prying back molding using care not to mar the wall or floor
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The bulk of an organization s business continuity plan lies in its documentation, so it should be of little surprise that the bulk of the audit effort will lie in the examination of this documentation. The following procedure will help the auditor to determine the effectiveness of the organization s BC plan: 1. Obtain a copy of business continuity and disaster recovery documentation, including response procedures, contact lists, and communication plans. 2. Examine samples of distributed copies of BC documentation, and determine whether they are up-to-date. These samples can be obtained during interviews of key response personnel, which are covered in this procedure. 3. Determine whether all documents are clear and easy to understand, not just for primary responders, but for alternate personnel who may have specific relevant skills but less familiarity with the organization s critical applications.
C++ from the Ground Up
or individual blocks of code as unsafe. For example, here is a program that uses pointers inside Main( ), which is marked unsafe:
In order to log in to the security system, you must provide additional information beyond just username and password. Here s what you need to do:
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