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Digital Photography QuickSteps
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This page intentionally left blank.
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This program produces the following output:
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Part II:
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/* When a virtual method is not overridden, the base class method is used. */ using System; class Base { // Create virtual method in the base class. public virtual void Who() { Console.WriteLine("Who() in Base"); } }
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To close a file, call close( ).
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2: OSI Reference Model
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TABLE 22-9 The Enumeration Format Speci ers
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The KeyValuePair<TK, TV> Structure
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Time Varying Voltage and Voltage Sources
9. B. If you have a layer 2 loop, the switch s CPU and/or port utilization will be very high. A is true only if you are seeing duplicate broadcast/multicast frames, not just a high number of these. C would be indicative of a physical layer problem such as a cable issue. Port address tables would be constantly updated with correct and incorrect information, making D incorrect. 10. B. When using a protocol analyzer to troubleshoot layer 2 loop problems, look for the same frame being repeated constantly. A will show an inordinate amount of statistical traffic on the interface, but it doesn t clarify it as broadcast or part of a loop. C is an invalid command. D is used to troubleshoot layer 3, not layer 2, problems.
I/O Functions
Thevenin s and Norton s Theorems
The Switching Equipment
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