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What Being a Principal Is Like Describing the length of a principal s typical workweek or the usual duties of a principal is far easier than painting a picture of what being a principal is like. There is hardly a typical day in the life of a principal. There are so many different schools and principalships, and the job has so much diversity. Yet it is possible to generalize about a few aspects of the job. A principal s day can be full of excitement, pressure, con ict, intensity, pathos, joy, sadness, confusion, and order. To keep on an even keel, principals must know who they are, what they believe, and what the limits and the license of their job are. Whether alone or with one or more assistants, the principal is responsible for the various aspects of managing a school: planning; scheduling; developing programs and curriculum; supervising personnel, student activities, and student behavior; providing instructional leadership; and fostering professional development. The foregoing duties are responsibilities within the building. Principals also must maintain relationships with parents and citizens in the community and with the school district s central of ce. Relationships with parents and citizens vary greatly, just as communities and traditions of homeschool interaction differ. In the realm of central of ce relationships and responsibilities, the principal must deal with budget, personnel evaluation, selection of new staff, attendance, student testing, school board decisions, legislative mandates, legal and court actions, and public relations. Many of the foregoing have rami cations or corresponding responsibilities at the building level, no matter how broad or restricted the services of the school.
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Finally, you can display the new variables and their values:
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The Tenth, or Vagus, Nerve
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invest $25,000 to $2 million of their own money to finance start-ups. Usually, these angels are clubs with primarily male members; however, wealthy welleducated women have now begun to form their own angel clubs, such as Angel2Angel, a national group based in New York that invests in women-led start-ups, and in Washington, DC, which invests in high-tech start-ups.10 Once the financial backing is obtained, the entrepreneur begins planning, accounting, purchasing, producing, marketing, managing, and staffing the business. This requires a good general knowledge of the activities of business as well as the technical knowledge essential to the project. Such attributes as a willingness to face risk, to work long hours, to tolerate the uncertainty of success during the early stages of the business, and to keep very thorough records in order to fill in the innumerable forms required by the government are all needed to be a successful entrepreneur. A tremendous amount of sales ability also is needed not only to raise the capital, but also to attract sought-after employees willing to risk job security in a newly formed company and to sell goods to customers being constantly bombarded with newer, supposedly better products. Entrepreneurs should be very aware of market and economic conditions if they hope to succeed, and these conditions are constantly changing. The entrepreneur is of a rare breed, both resilient and tough flexible enough to change plans when advantageous and strong enough to handle the disappointments and problems that plague all those going into business for themselves. Can a person be taught to be an entrepreneur Probably not. But what can be taught are the skills needed for an entrepreneur to be successful. Because of demand, business schools are adding more courses and encouraging more student participation in entrepreneurial competitions. Some schools offer comprehensive entrepreneurship programs, usually in the form of a concentration of electives. Course work focuses on the financing of a new business and the commercialization of new products. The best preparation, however, is outside the classroom, working for a company in the same industry that the prospective entrepreneur would like to enter.
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New services New directories New shares New tools New groups New Active Directory system objects
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Fig. 45-21 Courtesy of Gary J. Hordemann, Gonzaga University
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Figure 34-8. Inferior aspect of the brain showing the branches and distribution of the posterior cerebral artery and the principal anatomic structures supplied. Listed below are the clinical manifestations produced by infarction in its territory and the corresponding regions of damage.
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Given the accelerometer measurements ua and gyro measurements ug , the platform frame acceleration and angular rate vectors are computed as ap ip p = ua + gp ba = ug bg (12.23) (12.24)
Baby-Friendly Signs
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