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The objects are arranged in an organizational structure called an object hierarchy. That term sounds complex, but the object hierarchy is simply a map that shows you how to reach the objects you need. At the top of the hierarchy are objects that are directly accessible to AppleScript objects you can get at directly, such as the computer and your home folder. Those objects contain other objects that you can reach by going through the directly accessible objects. For example, you can get to your Documents folder by going through your home folder (because the home folder contains the Documents folder).
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ASP.NET 2.0 Demystified
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The following example uses two ASP.NET text boxes, and depending on the outcome, in the C# portion of the script an if/else statement determines which of the two values is greater.
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Table-based Authentication Table-based authentication requires that a list of usernames and passwords be stored in a table in a database. In this section, we are again using a database for authentication. However, this time we are not using database accounts for authentication. Instead, we are using the database to store usernames and password in a table. It is always a good idea to hash stored passwords. The Oracle BI documentation gives an example of setting up table based authentication with plaintext passwords. The example RPD aos_table.rpd provided with this book follows this method but includes a method to hash the passwords. Notice that the hashing process occurs on the database and the password will be passed over the network in plaintext. It is recommended that you encrypt communication between the BI server and the backend database (for example, by using the advanced security option for Oracle). The first step in setting up table-based authentication is to create the table required to hold the usernames and passwords. An example schema with the necessary tables is included with this book, and the appendix details the specifics of this schema. Here s a function to simplify the hashing of the passwords that uses the DBMS_CRYPTO package of the database:
Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
Caring for your soldering iron
A department store sells 20 portable stereos per week at $80 each. The manager believes that for each decrease of $5 in the price, six more stereos will be sold. Let x represent the number of $5 decreases in the price. P 80 5x Q 20 6x R 80 5x 20 6x : What price should be charged if the revenue needs to be $2240 R 80 5x 20 6x becomes 2240 80 5x 20 6x 2240 80 5x 20 6x 2240 80 5x 20 6x 2240 1600 380x 30x2 30x2 380x 640 0 1 1 30x2 380x 640 0 10 10 3x2 38x 64 0 3x 32 x 2 0 3x 32 0 3x 32 32 x 3 x 2 0 x 2
High-energy phosphate bonds within the ATP molecule (a) Non-reducing (b) Potential energy storage (c) ATPases (d) Nucleic (e) Aerobic A continual process between energy storage and energy release that occurs in cells (a) Carbon glucose conversion (b) Hydrogen and amino acid transfer (c) ATP ADP Cycle (d) Cellular phagocytosis (e) Active immunity A condition of building up (a) Anabolism (b) Glycolysis (c) Catabolism (d) Metabolism (e) Egestion Heterotroph (a) An organism that produces its own energy (b) Creature that consumes other organic foodstu s for its nourishment (c) Multicellular, free-living plant (d) A type of molecule that is di erent from others (e) An organism that feeds upon its own esh! The process of breaking down sweets (a) Glycolysis (b) Calvin Cycle
Part III:
Figure 4.8 Dijkstra s shortest-path algorithm. procedure dijkstra(G, l, s) Input: Graph G = (V, E), directed or undirected; positive edge lengths {le : e E}; vertex s V Output: For all vertices u reachable from s, dist(u) is set to the distance from s to u. for all u V : dist(u) = prev(u) = nil dist(s) = 0 H = makequeue (V ) (using dist-values as keys) while H is not empty: u = deletemin(H) for all edges (u, v) E: if dist(v) > dist(u) + l(u, v): dist(v) = dist(u) + l(u, v) prev(v) = u decreasekey(H, v)
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