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camera about eye level and parallel to the ground (this motion will be easy to duplicate). Now, stand on the other side of the wall and do the same thing, trying to keep the motion as fluid and steady as you can. Once you have these two video clips, download them to your computer editing program and bring them into the timeline as shown in Figure 8-22 so you can crop and merge the clips together. If you have never used the simple editing software that came with your video camera, then get out the manual and go for it. It really is easy. The goal is to mix the two video segments together so it looks as though the camera that made them had the ability to focus from the wall you are looking at instantly to the room on the other side. Start by trimming the first video clip of the 5 seconds of still video and outside wall footage so that there are no jumps at the start and
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Market-Timing Software
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New York City College of the City University of New York (B.Arch.) School of Architecture, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture 138th St. at Convent Ave., Shepard Hall 103 New York, NY 10031
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Realm Protection Patterns
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Click to open a color selection window.
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Courtesy of Gary J. Hordemann, Gonzaga University
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To return the error message as well, you add not another parameter called something like message (as you might expect), but just another variable to contain the message and you put it before the number parameter rather than after it. The following example uses the variable name myErrorMessage:
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Extrinsic value can be described as the risk value of the option. The risk value is made up of several components. One of these is time value, which is the length of time that the option writer or seller will assume risk for the sale. A 5-year life insurance policy premium is much cheaper than a 15-year policy premium because the insurance company is exposed to risk for an additional 10 years on the 15-year policy. Options are no different; time has risk, and therefore time has a premium cost to the buyer. Time value can be present in options that are in the money, at the money, or out of the money. Time value is the portion of premium in the options price that is above and beyond the intrinsic value. If an option is at the money or out of the money, then the option would have no intrinsic value and would have time value only. Time value can also be considered the risk value of an option. When you purchase an option, you are compensating the writer for the risk and time of selling the option. Included in the time value of the option is the risk assumed from the volatility of the market. If the market price uctuates wildly, the writer naturally assumes that there is more risk than if a price is very stable, so the time value of the option
Detergent (emulsi er)
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
Let s call x the independent variable. Then we can mix the right sides of the equations to get x 2 = x 2 Adding x 2 to each side, we get 2x 2 = 0 Dividing through by 2 gives us x2 = 0 This equation has one real root, x = 0. When we plug this into either of the original equations, we get y = 0. Therefore, the single real solution to this system is (0,0).
A MAN OF PARADOXES I began this book by describing a man of paradoxes. I m tempted to end on that same note. Yes, Vince Lombardi could be just as
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