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That s the XML document, colors.xml, we want to fetch and decode using Ajax in a new example, colors.html, which appears in Figure 3-11. When you click the Fetch the Colors button in colors.html, colors.xml is downloaded, decoded, and the colors red, green, and blue are displayed. The colors.html document starts off much like the other Ajax examples you ve seen in this chapter, with a button that calls a JavaScript function named getData and a <div> element in which to display the results:
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Automatic Apply (AUTOMATIC_APPLY)
Extreme Objects in Our Galaxy
There are several benefits of using the transient logical standby method for upgrades. In fact, this method is the Oracle MAA recommended best practice, because the method is simple, reliable, and robust, and requires minimal downtime. Some of the benefits of transient logical standby are highlighted here:
Earth Observer at Latitude = x Longitude = y
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