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Figure 2.2 Divide-and-conquer integer multiplication. (a) Each problem is divided into three subproblems. (b) The levels of recursion. (a)
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appropriate broad-spectrum photoprotection is of importance. After microablative laser procedures, such as fractional photothermolysis, laser micropeels, and Qswitched laser, application of a bland healing ointment, or an ointment with mild antibacterial properties such as mupirocin (Bactroban, GlaxoSmithKline, Middlesex, UK), or Aquaphor healing ointment applied three to four times per day is indicated. After autologous fat transplantation or injection of a ller, such as hyaluronic acid derivatives or poly-L-lactic acid in the hands, bruising is the major side effect encountered. Topical application of vitamin K cream (Hopewell Pharmaceutical, Hopewell, NJ) arnica or bromelain supplements bid may be helpful in this regard. Similar postoperative discourses may be considered with hand vein sclerotherapy or endovenous hand vein ablation procedures as well. An elastic bandage such as Coban (3M Healthcare, St. Paul, MN) is applied for 24 to 48 hours in order to provide adequate compression as well as reduce swelling and bruising following these procedures. Patients can usually resume normal activities following these procedures.
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Implied volatility stops: Setting a stop based on changes in implied volatility is another method that cannot be placed in an order, but must be monitored by the investor or portfolio manager as a soft stop. Stock traders commonly use a volatility stop based on the average true range (ATR) over a set period of time, usually from 14 to 20 bars or periods on the chart, which provides a trailing price stop on the underlying stocks. The implied volatility stop is different in that it provides the bene t of the forward-looking power of implied volatility in options over the historical volatility of ATR or standard deviation. Most commonly we look at implied volatility changes with a retracement method that forms boundaries for the limits in changes in implied volatility (IV). If the implied volatility begins to fail on an option position, then the demand for the option is likely failing. If this is a call option, then the demand for call options has diminished, which may indicate a shift from buy signals to hold or sell on the underlying. If implied volatility reduces sharply over a period of time, this often means that the supply of options offered to the market has increased rapidly resulting from traders trying to liquidate premium and retain capital. With implied volatility stops, it is important to not focus on one single strike price but on an average of the strike prices around your option position in the same month. If there are a large number of strike prices available, then you may need to average several strike prices. The averaging is to smooth the data and deliver a more stable indication of overall implied volatility rather than just one strike price which may be skewed because of a market order or large volume of trades
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Figure 24-8 Graph of a quadratic function with no real
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Visual Basic 2005 Demysti ed
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37: Bills of Materials
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Top 10 Timers Performance vs. S&P 500 Index, Years Ending 12/31/02
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As mentioned, any information that you place in the code of an ASP-NETweb page is called a value. For example, "Hello world!" is a value. The number 10 is also a value. So is True, which is the value you assigned to the Visible property in the last chapter to make an HTML element visible on the web page. As you can imagine, all kinds of values can be used in the code portion of your ASP.NET application, depending on the nature of your application. For example, a person's first name is a value and so is their street address. Their user IDs and passwords are also values. Values are grouped into four categories: numbers, strings, Boolean values, and dates.
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If we multiply the right side of this equation by 1, we multiply all values of the function by 1. This inverts the entire graph of the function with respect to the x axis. Figure 30-8 shows the result. On the x axis, each increment is 1/2 unit. On the y axis, each increment is 2 units. We can see that the system has no real solutions because the curves don t intersect. The real solution set is empty.
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Close 21.99
Objectives Vocabulary
Figure 13.5 Delegating various roles to different groups for administering the entire Exchange organization.
Ignorance is not knowing something; stupidity is not admitting your ignorance.
17: Moving and Duplicating Objects
Project 38 The Dog Talker
Syringomyelia (from the Greek syrinx, pipe or tube ) is de ned as a chronic progressive degenerative or developmental disorder of the spinal cord, characterized clinically by painless weakness and wasting of the hands and arms (brachial amyotrophy) and segmental sensory loss of dissociated type (loss of thermal and painful sensation with sparing of tactile, joint position, and vibratory sense, as described later). Pathologically there is cavitation of the central parts of the spinal cord, usually in the cervical region, but extending upward in some cases into the medulla oblongata and pons (syringobulbia) or downward into the thoracic or even the lumbar segments. Frequently there are associated developmental abnormalities of the vertebral column (thoracic scoliosis, fusion of vertebrae, or Klippel-Feil anomaly), of the base of the skull (platybasia and basilar invagination), and particularly of the cerebellum and brainstem (type I Chiari malformation). Approximately 90 percent of cases of syringomyelia have type I Chiari malformation consisting of a descent of cerebellar tonsils (see page 861). Conversely, approximately 50 percent of type I Chiari malformations are associated with syringomyelia. There is also a group of less frequent but well-described syringomyelias that derives from the acquired processes mentioned earlier such as intramedullary tumor (astrocytoma, hemangioblastoma, ependymoma) and traumatic or hemorrhagic necrosis of the spinal cord. Wider experience with the pathology of the developmental type of syringomyelia and better understanding of the postulated mechanisms have led to the following classi cation, modi ed from Barnett and colleagues: Type I. Syringomyelia with obstruction of the foramen magnum and dilation of the central canal (developmental type) A. With type I Chiari malformation B. With other obstructive lesions of the foramen magnum Type II. Syringomyelia without obstruction of the foramen magnum (idiopathic developmental type) Type III. Syringomyelia with other diseases of the spinal cord (acquired types) A. Spinal cord tumors (usually intramedullary, especially hemangioblastoma) B. Traumatic myelopathy C. Spinal arachnoiditis and pachymeningitis D. Secondary myelomalacia from cord compression (tumor, spondylosis), infarction, hematomyelia Type IV. Pure hydromyelia (developmental dilatation of the central canal), with or without hydrocephalus Historical Note Although pathologic cavitation of the spinal cord was recognized as early as the sixteenth century, the term syringomyelia was rst used to describe this process in 1827 by Ollivier d Angers (cited by Ballantine et al). Later, following recognition of the central canal as a normal structure, it was assumed by Vir-
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