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Some system setups require configurations beyond what is required of most common systems. Using the proper master/slave configuration techniques, you can install up to four drives in a single system. Alternatively, you can set up a SCSI system, which, although more difficult to configure, allows you to install many more devices in the computer. Furthermore, some individual devices require special installation or configuration or are simply too new to be considered common. Devices such as network cards, modems, and video cards all require additional, component-specific configuration in order to work properly. However, some systems, such as USB and FireWire, have emerged that allow you to install a great number of devices with little or no configuration at all. Most computers can be optimized or enhanced by installing special components, such as cache memory or PC Cards. Other optimization procedures include using disk utilities such as Disk Defragmenter or Scandisk or upgrading the system s BIOS.
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Figure 15-2. The ascending auditory pathways. The lower part of the diagram is a horizontal section through the upper medulla. (Reproduced with permission from Noback CR: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1981.)
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Figure 13-8 This two-dimensional list of all rationals (duplicated
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Three elements relating to TDE are relevant to this statement. First, encrypt [algorithm] tells the database that you will be encrypting the column using the specified algorithm. The following algorithms in 10g R2 are available: 3DES168 AES128 The 168-bit key length implementation of the Digital Encryption Standard The 128-bit key length implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard
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In GPS receivers the delta pseudorange observable is a measurement of the quantity ( r (t)) = s r (t) s r (t) T r r (8.31)
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Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010 datamatrix generator
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It is this merging of the massive amounts of data available from the Internet with the portability and instantaneous communication of the mobile phone that is the true advantage of WAP. As more and more Web sites become WAP enabled, more data becomes available instantly through your mobile phone. In fact, the very term mobile phone is misleading, as the phone can now already do so many additional things the addition of WAP has turned it into a true multifunctional communications device rather than just a phone.
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Use this tab to control miscellaneous system settings, such as the display of 3D graphics. This is also where you change the current pointing device.
Adding and Removing Field-Replaceable Modules
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