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478 More Two-by-Two Graphs
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
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the screen. There are six different standard commands that you can use and apply to the Web items, described next.
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Strong acids completely dissociate in water; weak acids don t. Strong acids high Ka low pKa.
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ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner s Guide
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Acquired Forms of Chronic Polyneuropathy
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9: Leg Rejuvenation
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In this chapter, we ll examine some ways to look for real roots of higher-degree equations with real coefficients and real constants. In this context, the term higher-degree applies to any equation of degree 4 or more. The tactics described in the last part of this chapter can be helpful in finding the real roots of stubborn third-degree (cubic) equations as well.
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ASP.NET ListView.aspx
Using either the Properties window or typing in code, you need to add two key properties, GroupName (Behavior category) and Text (Appearance category). The GroupName property causes the selection of any single radio button to automatically deselect all of the others in the group. After adding both elements, you will see something like the following:
the short call will be exercised into 100 shares short of CAT stock and the two positions will offset each other. It is possible to retain the CAT stock even if the $33.00 call is in the money. Once the time value of the option has eroded to zero and the delta of the option is 1.00, you can consider rolling the option forward to a new expiration month. Let s look back at the August options in Figure 6.2. If you are near the expiration of the May contract (let s say 40 days have expired), we can estimate what the August $33.00 call option would be worth. To keep it simple, lets assume that CAT is priced at $33.00 so we have little change in premium to account for a delta of 55 percent, and $0.85 in upward movement in the underlying would add about 45 cents to the August option price and give us a total value of 4.44. Now we would have to deduct the time value in the amount of $69 (1.69 41 days) from the value. This gives us an estimated value at expiration of the May option of 3.75 (399 45 69 375). This is a method of calculating future options value without an advanced option calculator. This scenario was run through two different calculation programs with the same parameters; one came up with a future value of 4.05; the other, 3.85. The quick add-andsubtract method was close. If at or near the option expiration for the May option the underlying is around $33.00 and we do not want our position offset, we can buy back the May $33.00 call for a minimal amount and sell the Aug $33.00 to pick up another 3.85 in premium against the cost of the underlying to continue the covered call position. Imagine if you were able to do this roll against the underlying asset several times. By applying the pro ts from short call option positions to your actual cost basis, you can have a theoretical cost
Cell-Specific Settings: Check the respective boxes to display the document Document Icons for Data, for icon in the Web query for the data, metadata, and/or Metadata, and for Masterdata masterdata. Data-Specific Settings: Display Check this box if repeated text is needed in the Repeated Texts query. Data-Specific Settings: Scaling Allows the display of the scaling factor for the key Factors Visible figures. Chart (see Figure 1-3) Chart Settings: Chart Type Use this option to adjust the display of the chart type. BEx Web Analyzer supports approximately 30 different chart types, including columns, pie, stacked lines, and bar charts (most of the chart types typically found in Excel). In addition to None (no legend), the following settings are available: DataTable Displays the information in the legend directly from the database table information from the InfoProvider (for example, the values of the pointers of a tachometer chart). Chart Legend Position Uses the legend position for the information display. Also generates the view of only the naming convention for the legend. Legend Only Displays only the legend, sans the chart. Chart Settings: Chart Legend Position Chart Texts: Manual Axis Description Chart Texts: Manual Axis Label Data-Specific Settings: Swap Display Axes When Legend Type is set to Chart Legend Position, this option positions the legend on the screen relative to the chart: North, South, East, or West. This option is used to assign the text manually for the primary category and value axes and the secondary category and value axes. This option is used to assign the label for the primary and secondary category and value axes. Swaps the characteristic format for the X-axis. For example, rather than the data being displayed by division, the display would use the key figures for the X-axis and the divisions as columns.
This produces a line segment 3 units long at a 90 angle. The line begins at absolute point 2,1 and extends 3 units upward vertically.
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