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VI. Dimensioning and Tolerancing
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readBind = sqlCmd.ExecuteReader(); //Bind to repeater DataList1.DataSource = readBind; DataList1.DataBind(); readBind.Close(); hookUp.Close(); } }
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where we are measuring the appearance of P. Both k2 and k 1 are first-order while k1 is second-order, first-order in A and first-order in B.
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21.2.1 The Non-Self-Sforfing Heun Method
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Raise arms straight out to sides.
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When a script deletes a worksheet (or chart sheet, or other type of sheet) like this, Excel prompts the user for confirmation of the deletion (see Figure 15-2). If you don t want the user to be able to prevent the script from deleting the sheet, set the display alerts property of the Excel application object to false before issuing the delete command, and then set display alerts back to true. Here s an example:
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in and A table lookup is a common task that is frequentlyencountered engineering science performing repeated interpolations fiorrr a table of computer applications.It is useful tbr variables.For example,suppose that you would like to set up independent and dependent teman M-file that would use linear interpolationto determineair density at a particular peraturebasedon the datafrom Table 1-5.1. One way to do this would be to passtlreM-file to the temperature which you want the interpolation be performedalong with thetwoadat joining values. more generalapproach would be to passin vectorscontainingall thedata A and have the M-file detenninethe bracket.This is called a table lookup. variThus, the M-file would perform two tasks.First, it would search independent the able vector to find the intervirl containingthe unknorvn.Then it would performthelineat in interpolation usingone of the techniques described this chapter in Chap.15. or a For ordereddata, there are two simple ways to find the interval. The first is called value sequentialsearch.As the name implies.this methodinvolves comparingthe desired with each elementof the vector in seqnence until the interval is located.For datain asbeing cendingorder,this can be doneby testingwhetherthe unknownis lessthanthe value one lf assessed. so, we know that the unknown falls betweenthis value and the previous is Here a that we examined.lf not, we move to the next value and repeatthe comparison. this simpleM-file that accomplishes objective:
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ograms will have the typical ndings on biopsy. As pointed out by Alrawi and colleagues, many patients prove to have an alternative condition, mainly an infectious encephalitis and brain or intravascular lymphoma, abscess, or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Tissue excised during an operation (or brain biopsy) for a suspected brain tumor, lymphoma, or white matter disease has revealed the characteristic vasculitis in some cases; in others the diagnosis has been made only at autopsy, the ndings coming as a distinct surprise. The affected vessels are in the 100- to 500-mm range and are surrounded and in ltrated by lymphocytes, plasma cells, and other mononuclear cells; giant cells are distributed in small numbers in the media, adventitia, or perivascular connective tissue. Infarction of brain tissue can be traced to thrombosis. The meninges are variably in ltrated with in ammatory cells. Sometimes only a part of the brain has been affected in one of our cases the cerebellum, in another, one frontal lobe and the opposite parietal lobe. Among the most important considerations is the cerebral arteritis caused by varicella zoster virus, which can simulate in radiographic appearance granulomatous arteritis and giant cell arteritis (page 643). The viral form of arteritis follows or evolves in association with herpes zoster ophthalmicus. On occasion, intravascular lymphoma may present a similar picture. The clinical and radiologic appearance of brain arteritis also raises the question of sarcoidosis, which is sometimes limited to the nervous system, of brain lymphoma or intravascular lymphoma, of CADASIL, multiple sclerosis, or of the polyarteritis (allergic granulomatous angiitis) described by Churg and Strauss. Unlike some of these diseases, however, the lungs and other organs are spared; there is no eosinophilia, increase in sedimentation rate or antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA), or anemia. As mentioned, brain lymphoma of the intravascular type and multiple sclerosis are diagnostic considerations from both a clinical and a radiologic perspective. Some patients with isolated central nervous system angiitis (those presenting as an aseptic meningitis with multiple infarcts) have responded to corticosteroid and cyclophosphamide therapy (Moore). Takayasu Disease (Aortic Branch Disease, Occlusive Thromboaortopathy) This is a nonspeci c arteritis involving mainly the aorta and the large arteries arising from its arch. It is similar in many ways to giant-cell arteritis except for its propensity to involve the proximal rather than the distal branches of the aorta. Most of the patients have been young Asian women, but there are scattered reports of similar cases from the United States, Latin America, and eastern Europe. The exact etiology has never been ascertained, but an autoimmune mechanism is suspected. Constitutional symptoms such as malaise, fever, anorexia, weight loss, and night sweats usually introduce the disease. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate is elevated in the early and active stages. Later there is evidence of occlusion of the innominate, subclavian, carotid, vertebral, and other arteries. The affected arteries no longer pulsate, hence the descriptive term pulseless disease. However, it should be noted that in non-Asian individuals, the disease is usually due to atherosclerosis. When renal arteries are involved, hypertension may result, and there may be coronary occlusion, which is often fatal. Involvement of the pulmonary artery may lead to pulmonary hypertension. Coolness of the hands and weak radial pulses are common indicators of the disease and headaches are frequent. Blurring of vision, especially upon physical activity, dizziness, and hemiparetic and hemisensory syndromes are the usual neurologic manifestations (Lupi-Herrera et al). Several au-
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In this example, you add a try block to the script you created in the previous example. Follow these steps:
Part II:
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