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Installs applications to the server Pulls a remote file off the server Pushes a local file to the server Opens a shell environment on the sever Forwards traffic from one port to another (to and from the server) Starts the server Stops the server Uses a PPP connection over USB Lists the available emulators Lists the adb commands Displays the adb version
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Rule Set Evaluation Mode
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The getData function calls the showMenu function, passing it the number of the menu to display (1 or 2), and the text downloaded from the server that holds the menu items ( Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or Turkey, Beef, Sardine ). The showMenu function displays the correct menu with those menu items. This function begins by splitting the downloaded text into a global array of items named menuItems, using the handy JavaScript split function. The split function will split a text string into an array of strings, if we pass that function the character or characters to split the string on (which is a comma here). Here s how we create menuItems, the array of menu items we want to display:
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Solving Linear Inequalities
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A manufacturing plant, which produces compact disks, has monthly overhead costs of $6000. Each disk costs 18 cents to produce and sells for 30 cents. How many disks must be sold in order for the plant to make a pro t Let x number of CDs produced and sold monthly Cost 6000 0:18x and Revenue 0:30x Revenue > Cost 0:30x > 6000 0:18x 0:18x > 0:18x 0:12x > 6000 6000 x> 0:12 x > 50,000 The plant should produce and sell more than 50,000 CDs per month in order to make a pro t. Mary inherited $16,000 and will deposit it into two accounts, one paying 51% interest and the other paying 63% interest. What is the most she 2 4 can deposit into the 51% account so that her interest at the end of a year 2 will be at least $960
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Figure 6-3
Securing an APEX Instance
Hatch objects and parts according to industry standards to improve the readability of drawings Edit a hatch by changing, adding, and removing boundaries Change the characteristics of an existing hatch Use the Tool Palettes window to apply hatching Use sketching options to create objects with irregular lines
Anatomic Considerations This nerve has an extensive sensory and motor distribution and important autonomic functions. It has two ganglia: the jugular, which contains the cell bodies of the somatic sensory nerves (innervating the skin in the concha of the ear), and the nodose, which contains the cell bodies of the afferent bers from the pharynx, larynx, trachea, esophagus, and thoracic and abdominal viscera. The central processes of these two ganglia terminate in relation to the nucleus of the spinal trigeminal tract and the tractus solitarius, respectively. The motor bers of the vagus are derived from two nuclei in the medulla the nucleus ambiguus and the dorsal motor nucleus. The former supplies somatic motor bers to the striated muscles of the larynx, pharynx, and palate; the latter supplies visceral motor bers to the heart and other thoracic and abdominal organs. The distribution of vagal bers is illustrated in Fig. 47-4, and their participation in swallowing is described on page 476. Complete interruption of the intracranial portion of one vagus nerve results in a characteristic paralysis. The soft palate droops on the ipsilateral side and does not rise in phonation. The uvula deviates to the normal side on phonation, but this is an inconstant sign in disease. There is loss of the gag re ex on the affected side and of the curtain movement of the lateral wall of the pharynx, whereby the faucial pillars move medially as the palate rises in saying ah. The voice is hoarse, often nasal, and the vocal cord on the affected side lies immobile in a cadaveric position, i.e., midway between abduction and adduction. With partial lesions, movements of abduction are affected more than those of adduction (Semon s law). There may be a loss of sensation at the external auditory meatus and back of the pinna. Usually no change in visceral function can be demonstrated. If the pharyngeal branches of both vagi are affected, as in diphtheria, the voice has a nasal quality, and regurgitation of liquids through the nose occurs during the act of swallowing. Diseases Affecting the Vagus Complete bilateral paralysis is said to be incompatible with life, and this is probably true if the nuclei are entirely destroyed in the medulla by poliomyelitis or some other disease. However, in the cervical region, both vagi have been blocked with procaine in the treatment of intractable asthma without mishap. Moreover, Johnson and Stern report a case of bi-
To zoom so that the full page appears in the Word window, set the page fit property of the zoom object to page fit full page. To zoom so that the page appears at its full width in the Word window, set the page fit property of the zoom object to page fit best fit. To remove fitting the full page or the page width, set the page fit property of the zoom object to page fit none. For example, the following statement zooms the active window to the page width:
5. Barbell shrugs: Grab a heavy barbell, and
short underlying positions The latter is very common and can often take the option seller by surprise. If a large number of funds or commercial traders are heavily short on a particular stock or especially commodity futures, they will often buy call options to limit the risk on their short positions. This can be an excellent opportunity to sell call premium because the demand will drive implied volatility higher; however, you will have to be keenly aware of the technical reversals in the underlying which might cause those same traders to short cover. In the process of the short covering, the option values for the calls that they bought, the same option you sold, will rise rapidly as each feeds the other. Finding elevated implied volatility can be a daunting task, especially in equity markets where thousands of options are available. Many option software programs and Web-based applications have the capability to scan the market and nd elevated implied volatility over the mean IV within whatever parameters the software has as a default; with many you can specify parameters. The most important thing to remember when dealing with software applications is that there is no intelligence built into the software to lter the stock options based on current events. For example, if we run a basic scan on Option Vue s latest analysis software, Option Vue 6, for elevated IV, we are given a list of options and strike prices with IV well above the mean IV. Many of these options look appealing but we do not want to use implied volatility as the only resource. Once you nd high implied volatility, you must investigate why it is high, how long it has been elevated, and what the expectations are for the underlying asset in the near future. The scan provided several current high-volatility options, including Autoliv (ALV) for a June $22.50 call with the underlying stock trading at $21.61. Figure 5.1 shows the option chain for this. The
-10 4 is designed to inform you about all aspects of technical indicators. Check out the Chart School tab for a broad education on how to use various indicators. It also has an informative blog that uses various indicators to analyze the stock market. If you re passionate about market indicators, this is the place to visit. The Market Harmonics Web site contains charts of numerous sentiment surveys, including Investors Intelligence, Consumer Confidence survey, the CBOE Put/Call Ratio, and Volatility studies. Click on the Market Momentum link on the home page. Barchart was one of the earliest Web sites devoted to helping traders use charts. Check out the Learning Center, which contains a tutorial on technical indicators. Decision Point is designed to help traders use technical indicators. Check out the Learning Center tab for an indicator education. A number of experienced technicians visit this site. Bigcharts is an interactive chart program that includes market indicators. Investopedia is loaded with definitions and explanations of market indicators as well as anything connected to the stock market. This site is aimed at the novice investor and trader. The Wall Street Journal online and the daily print edition contain key stock market information and news for traders and investors. Check out the online Market Data
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