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where a and g represent measurement errors that can be accurately represented as white and Gaussian. The matrices Fva and F g will be known. The vectors xa and xg contain the parameters necessary to calibrate the accelerometer and gyro. Speci c de nitions for Fva and xa will be discussed in Section 11.6.2. Speci c de nitions for Fvg and xg will be discussed in Section 11.6.3. The models derived in this section have two primary purposes to the system analyst. First, the models are necessary for the speci cation of a truth model as required for covariance analysis. Second, when it is determined that an error source has a signi cant e ect on the navigation system error and that it is possible to estimate the parameters pertinent to describing the error source, then the parameter estimates can be augmented to the error state vector of the implemented lter. Common candidates for augmentation to the error state vector (i.e., xa and xg ) include3 : accelerometer bias (3), accelerometer scale factor (3), accelerometer non-orthogonality (6), accelerometer nonlinearity (18), gyro bias (3), gyro scale factor (3), gyro non-orthogonality (6), gyro acceleration sensitivity (27), and calibration factors for additional sensors. The nal decision as to which additional
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Working with WML
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for i = 0, 1, 2, . . . , m: E(i, 0) = i for j = 1, 2, . . . , n: E(0, j) = j for i = 1, 2, . . . , m: for j = 1, 2, . . . , n: E(i, j) = min{E(i 1, j) + 1, E(i, j 1) + 1, E(i 1, j 1) + diff(i, j)} return E(m, n) This procedure lls in the table row by row, and left to right within each row. Each entry takes constant time to ll in, so the overall running time is just the size of the table, O(mn). And in our example, the edit distance turns out to be 6: E The underlying dag Every dynamic program has an underlying dag structure: think of each node as representing a subproblem, and each edge as a precedence constraint on the order in which the subproblems can be tackled. Having nodes u1 , . . . , uk point to v means subproblem v can only be solved once the answers to u1 , . . . , uk are known. In our present edit distance application, the nodes of the underlying dag correspond to subproblems, or equivalently, to positions (i, j) in the table. Its edges are the precedence constraints, of the form (i 1, j) (i, j), (i, j 1) (i, j), and (i 1, j 1) (i, j) (Figure 6.5). In fact, we can take things a little further and put weights on the edges so that the edit 163 X P P O O N L E Y N N O T M I I A A L L
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Quality of service management works in the runtime environment by collecting performance metrics from the cluster every five seconds. Those metrics are evaluated every minute to determine if performance objectives are being met. If an objective is not being met, there are two potential courses of action. One course is to allocate additional servers to the performance class. If servers in the free pool are available, they are added to the server pool for the performance class. If there are no servers in the free pool, QoS management looks to performance classes with a lower importance that have servers in excess of their minimum number. As a final choice, QoS looks to server pools with the same importance as the stressed pool where giving up a server node would not result in that node falling below the minimum number of servers. Another course of action is for QoS to look at the consumer groups defined in Database Resource Manager to find a consumer group with a larger percentage of resources assigned. If this option is available, QoS migrates the underperforming services to this higher-priority consumer group to allocate more resources for the performance class. QoS evaluates these options and more before it makes a recommendation to modify allocation of resources. In addition to looking at simply addressing the need to provide service to an underperforming performance class, QoS determines the impact that the recommended changes may have on the performance class that will lose resources. The recommendation, and the projected effect on all performance classes, is delivered to Enterprise Manager. With this recommendation, you can see the estimated impact on performance time for all performance classes defined for the policy currently in place. In 2, you learned how you can use Database Resource Manager to design and implement highly flexible schemes for allocating resources to different groups of consumers. QoS management provides a similar level of flexibility in defining the use of resources and couples this design capability with real-time monitoring of service levels to ensure the optimal level of service for all types of work on an Oracle database. At this time, QoS is all about OLTP workloads, since one measurement criterion is CPU response time, one of the key service levels used to evaluate performance for these workloads. When you use the Exadata Database Machine as an OLTP platform, or as a consolidation platform that includes
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The future of WAP depends largely on whether consumers decide to use WAP devices to access the Web, and also on whether a new technology comes along that would require a different infrastructure than WAP. On the consumer side, the factors largely involve the limitations of WAP and of handheld devices: the low bandwidth, the limited input ability, and the small screens all require users to adapt from their regular Web-browsing expectations. The bottom line is that WAP is not and can never be the Web on your mobile phone WAP is great as long as developers understand that it's what's inside the applications that matters, and the perceived value of the content to the user. The browser interface itself, while important, will always be secondary to the content. On the technological side, it is true that mobile phone data speeds will get faster, and this may require a different infrastructure, which will require different handsets to carry the technology. The new challenger is General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), but the rollout of newer technologies will take at least a couple of years. And although gadget freaks, like me, will probably get one right away, there will be a lot of people who will remain quite happy with their legacy phones, and who will resist spending money on something that they can t see as being immediately necessary. On that basis, you can estimate that WAP, even as it is today, will be around for a minimum of three to four years. Given how quickly things are changing because of the introduction of the Internet, this is an incredibly long time. Also, changes or enhancements to physical technologies will not necessarily require completely different protocols. In terms of WAP, the transport layer or protocol may have to change, but the content that will be transmitted will still have its own unchanged format WML. That means WML developers will, in real terms, be virtually unaffected by any hardware changes, and can continue to develop applications regardless of any hardware changes. Web browsers for the PC will also soon come with the ability to view WAP pages. There is already at least one product available for free, called the WAPaliser, which allows you to view WAP pages from your Web browser. What this means to the average user is that the instant information access available to mobile users can be combined with the rich content of the Internet. You will simply have two windows open on the PC one for the traditional content and the other for the WAP content thereby having the best of both worlds.
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Fatty acid
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factorizationto determineIU] sothat 10.13UseCholesky
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CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE bi_select.channel_policy AS FUNCTION vpd_whereclause ( schema_name IN VARCHAR2, object_name IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2; FUNCTION vpd_tag ( v_channel_manager IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2; END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE body bi_select.channel_policy AS FUNCTION vpd_whereclause ( schema_name IN VARCHAR2, object_name IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS v_whereclause VARCHAR2(2000):=''; v_client_id VARCHAR2(30) :=''; BEGIN SELECT sys_context('USERENV','CLIENT_IDENTIFIER') INTO v_client_id FROM dual; IF v_client_id IS NOT NULL THEN v_whereclause := 'channel_id in (select channel_id from bi_tables.channel_managers where upper(bi_tables.channel_managers.user_name) = upper('''|| v_client_id||'''))'; ELSE v_whereclause := '1=0'; END IF; RETURN v_whereclause; END; FUNCTION vpd_tag ( v_channel_manager IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS v_return VARCHAR2(2000) := NULL;
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Self Test Answers
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Tape library The tape library holds the tape drives. The speed of the tape backup is based on the number of tape drives that can be used in parallel to accomplish the backup. The backup speed can be
One of the most valuable experiences a college student can have is a hands-on internship that offers challenging work and professional development. Internships in companies with good reputations often lead to permanent positions after graduation either in the company where the internship was done or in other companies that are impressed with the internship experience. An intern is usually paid, but even if he or she is not paid, the experience gained can be valuable when beginning a career. Some schools offer college credit for internships as well. Smart students start looking for internships their freshman year, and competition can be stiff. Students find internships in various ways. Professors, older students who have had internships, and family contacts in a student s chosen field can be great sources of information and referral. Internships are advertised on college campuses through placement offices, on billboards, through faculty members, in campus newspapers, and in books such as Peterson s Internships 2000. Online sources of internships can be found at websites such as Internship Programs.com. Often it is simply a matter of contacting a company and inquiring about internships. Many professional associations offer information on internships available with member companies. Student membership in a number of professional associations is available at a reduced cost and is worth investigating. Interviews for internships are essentially job interviews in that students should learn everything they can about a company prior to the interview. The suggestions in this chapter may help with this, as will the resources listed in 11. Often interview sign-up sheets are posted on campus bulletin boards. The best time slots are first, last, or right after lunch never right before lunch. Fortunate students with computer, information technology, or telecommunications skills often land internships with major companies.
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Ecological relationships are similar to homeostasis in that they: (a) Can always be diagrammed in an S-shaped pattern (b) Represent a relative constancy of the mammal s internal environment (c) Are restricted to the organism level and below (d) Maintain a rough balance or equilibrium over time
8. Cut three pieces of heat-shrink tubing, and slip each one over each of the wires that were attached to the potentiometer. Solder the middle wire from the potentiometer to the two resistor leads that are twisted together. Solder the left wire to the left resistor lead, and solder the right wire to the right resistor lead of the resistor network. Push the heat-shrink tubing up over the solder connections and shrink into place with a heat source. The finished resistor network with the wires soldered and the heat-shrink tubing in place should look like the one in Figure 4.14. Once this is complete, push the resistor network and the wires back into the servo in the space where the potentiometer was previously.
Your goal is to design an algorithm that lls in the entire cost array (i.e., for all vertices). (a) Give a linear-time algorithm that works for directed acyclic graphs. (Hint: Handle the vertices in a particular order.) (b) Extend this to a linear-time algorithm that works for all directed graphs. (Hint: Recall the two-tiered structure of directed graphs.) 3.26. An Eulerian tour in an undirected graph is a cycle that is allowed to pass through each vertex multiple times, but must use each edge exactly once. This simple concept was used by Euler in 1736 to solve the famous Konigsberg bridge problem, which launched the eld of graph theory. The city of Konigsberg (now called Kaliningrad, in western Russia) is the meeting point of two rivers with a small island in the middle. There are seven bridges across the rivers, and a popular recreational question of the time was to determine whether it is possible to perform a tour in which each bridge is crossed exactly once. Euler formulated the relevant information as a graph with four nodes (denoting land masses) and seven edges (denoting bridges), as shown here.
Histogram Chart The histogram is used primarily for the graphic display of a series of
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(Fig. 44-3); any degree of additional rotary instability produces a gibbus deformity. Most patients have some evidence of active infection as evidenced by fever, night sweats, and other consitutional symptoms; the sedimentaion rate is invariably elevated. A compressive myelopathy occurs in some cases as a result of the spinal deformity, but it is surprisingly infrequent and an epidural tuberculous abscess is a more common cause of cord compression (see below). What is surprising to us about Pott disease is the excellent result that may be obtained by external stabilization of the spine and long-term antituberculous medication. While there is some controversy regarding spinal surgery, it is required only in the presence of severe deformities or a compressive myelopathy. Tuberculous Myelitis Solitary tuberculoma of the spinal cord as part of a generalized infection is an extreme rarity. More often, pus or caseous granulation tissue may extrude from an infected vertebra and gives rise to an epidural compression of the cord (Pott paraplegia, as distinct from Pott disease). Occasionally a tuberculous meningitis may result in pial arteritis and spinal cord infarction. The paraplegia may appear before the tuberculous meningitis is diagnosed. All these forms of tuberculosis have become infrequent in the United States and western Europe but we see a new case every several years in patients who spent their earlier life in India or Africa. Additional comments can be found on page 611. Meningomyelitis due to Fungus and Parasitic Diseases A wide variety of fungal and parasitic agents may involve the spinal meninges. Such infections are rare, and some do not occur at all in the United States or are limited to certain geographic areas, particularly among immigrant populations. Actinomyces, Blastomyces, Coccidioides, and Aspergillus may invade the spinal epidural space via intervertebral foramina or by extension from a vertebral osteo-
Much of what we know about the regulation of information flow (gene expression) has been made possible by the ability to manipulate the structures of DNA, RNA, and proteins and see how this affects their function. The ability to manipulate DNA (recombinant-DNA methods) has generated a new language filled with strange-sounding acronyms that are easy to understand if you know what they mean but impossible to understand if you don t. Understand
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