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The ability to deliver effective outcomes with minimal downtime results from the fractional nature of these treatments. Instead of a continuous beam that scans 100% of the skin surface ablating tissue as it goes, the collimated beam is fractionated into hundreds of micrometer-sized beams that are separated by islands of untreated skin. Furthermore, the infrared laser does not vaporize the skin cells; rather, they form columns of desiccated tissue known as microthermal treatment zones.1 The advantages of treating only focal zones of tissue are twofold. First, by leaving zones of untreated skin, reservoirs of healthy skin remain that enable rapid migration and tissue proliferation to repair the damaged areas.2,3 Second, because there is a readily available
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Project 17 Glowing Blinking Eyes
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Eleven: VHF Public Service Monitor
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echo substr("Good old PHP!", 9, 3), "<br>"; echo "'PHP' starts at position ", strpos("Good old PHP!", "PHP"), "<br>"; echo "'Good old PHP!' is ", strlen("Good old PHP!"), " characters long.<br>";
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This code designates the Click event procedure of mnuEditSelectAll as handling the Click event of cmnEditSelectAll. This code logically could be placed in the Load event of the form. AddHandler is used when you may not know at design time the precise event handler that will be used at run time because, for example, the choice will depend on user actions. One of the following two alternatives should be used instead if the event handler is known at design time because AddHandler has a greater performance cost.
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Understanding Excel s Main Objects
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Constellations of the Southern Autumn
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