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These have been the subjects of much speculation, and completely satisfactory explanations are not available. As noted above, some individuals go through life in a chronic state of low-grade anxiety, the impetus for which may or may not be apparent. They are by nature, or constitutionally, nervous and subject to this character trait. Spontaneous episodes of anxiety demand another explanation. Some psychologists regard anxiety as anticipatory behavior, i.e., a state of uneasiness about something that may happen in the future. William McDougall spoke of it as an emotional state arising when a continuing strong desire seems likely to miss its goal. The primary emotion, somewhat muted perhaps, may be one of fear, and its arousal under conditions that are not overtly threatening may be explained as a conditioned response to some recondite component of a formerly threatening stimulus. Physicians often feel inclined to search for evidence of visceral impairment, without success. The patient with anxiety neurosis is often in poor physical condition and has an increased blood lactate concentration in both the resting state and after exercise; infusions of lactic acid are said to make the symptoms of anxiety worse and, in susceptible individuals, to elicit a panic attack. The patient seems not to tolerate the work or exercise needed to build up his stamina. The urinary excretion of epinephrine has been found elevated in some patients; in others, there is an increased urinary excretion of norepinephrine and its metabolites. During periods of intense anxiety, aldosterone excretion is increased to two or three times normal. There is also evidence that corticosteroids and corticotropinreleasing hormone (CRH) have a role in the genesis of anxiety. A systemic release of corticosteroid accompanies all states of stress, and the administration of corticosteroids may give rise to anxiety and panic in some patients and to depression in others suggesting a linkage between steroid stimulation of the limbic system activities that generate these states. In animal models, stress elicited by predators or electric shock as well as by withdrawal of alcohol and other drugs precipitates activity in CRH pathways (amygdala to hypo-
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Once the BIOS has finished the POST, it looks for the presence of an OS on the hard drive. If the BIOS does not find a special OS pointer in the drive s master boot record, it assumes that no OS exists. If you haven t yet installed an OS, you must do so at that point. If an OS exists but cannot be accessed, try using the SYS command at a DOS prompt to make the drive bootable. That is, reboot the computer from the floppy drive. (This command is described in more detail in 10.) Use the command SYS C:. This command replaces the pointer in the master boot record, and the computer might be able to boot properly. Unfortunately, most cases of a missing OS stem from the corruption or loss of essential OS files. If this is the case, you need to reload the OS. When data becomes corrupted, it might be a sign that the disk is about to fail. You should consider running Scandisk to resolve these problems. You might also want to consider replacing the hard disk before it fails completely. Before you do this, boot from a floppy disk, then try to access and save any salvageable information from the hard drive.
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In this and the next few chapters, we consider how to manage the Exchange information store and its various components. We begin by looking at storage groups, a feature new to this version of Exchange that provides greater flexibility in how the information store is managed. There are six walkthroughs in this chapter:
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Part 6: Dimensioning and Tolerancing
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Visualization Tools
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Figure 2.5 presents the resulting algorithm. Figure 2.5 Polynomial multiplication Input: Coefficients of two polynomials, A(x) and B(x), of degree d Output: Their product C = A B Selection Pick some points x0 , x1 , . . . , xn 1 , where n 2d + 1 Evaluation Compute A(x0 ), A(x1 ), . . . , A(xn 1 ) and B(x0 ), B(x1 ), . . . , B(xn 1 ) Multiplication Compute C(xk ) = A(xk )B(xk ) for all k = 0, . . . , n 1 Interpolation Recover C(x) = c0 + c1 x + + c2d x2d 63
to grasp a wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or free-standing chin-up bar. Your body should be fully extended beneath the bar. Slowly, from a position of full extension, begin to contract your lats, raising yourself until your hands touch your chest. Hold this fully contracted position for a two-count before lowering yourself slowly, in four seconds, back to the starting position. Repeat for your I.S.R., and when you hit failure in this movement, either have your partner provide enough assistance for you to complete four more reps, or give yourself forced reps by standing on a stool or chair to assist you in
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There are infinitely many such points. A good example is the point corresponding to the positive square root of 2. We saw how that point can be located in the text of Chap. 9. Another example is , the ratio of a circle s circumference to its diameter. We can locate this point by taking a circle with a diameter of exactly 1 unit, and then rolling it for one complete revolution, without slipping or sliding, upward along the number line as shown in Fig. 10-4.
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