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AutoCAD allows you to correct misspellings at the Command line. 1. Type TME (a misspelled version of the TIME command) at the Command line, but do not press ENTER. 2. Using the left arrow key, back up and stop between the T and M. 3. Type the letter I. The Insert key serves as a toggle to turn on and off the insert mode. If the Insert function is not active, press the Insert key to turn it on. 4. Assuming that TIME is now spelled correctly, press ENTER. 5. Press ESC to cancel. Table 11-1 brie y describes the keys that you can use to edit text on the Command line. 6. Close the AutoCAD Text Window. 7. On your own, experiment with the Command line navigation options shown in Table 11-1.
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Class 4 Gantt chart Milestone trend analysis (MTA)
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Using the Package Explorer again, navigate to the src directory, open it, and right-click the android_programmers_guide.AndroidViews package, as shown in the following illustration.
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3. Either right-click in the right window pane to select the New | Computer command in the context menu or use the New Computer icon in the console toolbar. This activates the New Object - Computer Wizard. 4. This wizard displays two dialog boxes. The first deals with the account names. Here, you set the computer s name. You also have the opportunity to identify which user group can add this computer to a domain. To do so, click Change, type in the group name, click Check Names, select the right group, and click OK. Click Next.
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1. Turn the computer off and ensure that you carry out proper ESD procedures. 2. Position the controller card upright over the appropriate expansion slot. 3. Place your thumbs along the top edge of the card and push straight down. If necessary, rock the card along its length (never side to side). 4. Secure the card to the chassis using the existing screw holes.
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33. Blocks
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ASP.NET 2.0 Demystified
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WAP: A Beginner s Guide
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Operating System Functions and the Windows Family
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Next, in the display_welcome function, we display the welcome part of the page, which includes the text field and the prompt to the user to enter their name. Note that the display_ welcome function also creates the hidden control named welcome_already_displayed (so we ll know on the server that the welcome page has already been shown).
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