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NOTE Since the encryption wallet stores the Master Key for all encryption carried out by TDE, it is critical that you back it up! It should be backed up often and should not be stored with datafile backups. The wallet is stored in an encrypted format. To decrypt, you must supply the proper password that releases the encryption key and opens the wallet. Note that the password effectively protects not just the wallet, but all the other credentials inside, such as the other encryption keys and possibly passwords. If the wallet is not open, queries that rely on keys stored in the wallet will fail. Since TDE stores the Master Key in the Oracle Wallet and encrypts table keys using the Master Key, if the wallet is closed, the Master Key is unavailable and no data may be decrypted. As a result, each time the database is restarted, a security administrator must open the wallet before the database can encrypt and decrypt data using TDE.
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if (mCursor != null) { mCursor.first(); String title = mCursor.getString(NAME_INDEX); mText.setText(title); } }
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42. When the first pulsar was detected with a radio telescope, some people got the idea that the emissions were coming from (a) an extraterrestrial civilization. (b) galaxies blowing up. (c) Jupiter s magnetic field. (d) the Moon. (e) the Sun. 43. A type E0 galaxy is shaped like (a) a sphere. (b) a flat disk. (c) an irregular blob of stars. (d) a football. (e) a cigar. 44. From where on Earth s surface is every point on the celestial sphere above the horizon at one time or another as Earth makes one complete rotation relative to the stars (Assume that the terrain is flat so that the horizon is not obstructed by hills, buildings, or anything else.) (a) Nowhere (b) Either geographic pole (c) The geographic equator (d) Anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (e) Anywhere 45. Hubble and Humason believed that the red shifts of distant galaxies are caused by expansion of the Universe. Based on this assumption, they found that the speed-versus-distance function can be graphed as (a) a bell-shaped curve. (b) a curve similar to the Main Sequence. (c) a straight line. (d) a logarithmic curve. (e) an exponential curve. 46. Which of the following planets cannot be seen from Earth with the unaided eye (a) Neptune (b) Saturn (c) Mercury (d) Canopus (e) All the planets can be seen from Earth with the unaided eye. 47. A telescope has an objective lens with a diameter of 250 mm. An eyepiece with a focal length of 10 mm is used. What is the magnification (a) 25
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
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open location (choose URL showing File servers)
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Twisted Pair By far the most common type of network cable, twisted pair consists of two insulated wires wrapped around each other to help avoid interference from other wires. Ultra-DMA A disk drive data protocol that allows for high-speed data transfer between the disk drive and the motherboard. Uninterruptible Power Supply Universal Serial Bus
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anatomic changes associated with aging are astutely appreciated by the surgeon and patient, safe, appropriate, and effective aesthetic neck contouring surgery can be undertaken. Features of a youthful neck include an acute cervicomental angle, a distinct inferior mandibular border, subthyroid depression, a visible thyroid cartilage, anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle along with evenly toned and textured skin. To restore these features the surgical armamentarium for neck contouring entails submental liposuction, platysmal plication, necklift along with chemical peeling ablative, nonablative laser (RF treatments, and chemodenervation. Selecting the appropriate procedure for the appropriate patient that will effectively meet the aesthetic goals and expectations is the core of successful neck rejuvenation.
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